true-blood-videos-recap-spoilers-previewOk, last night was True Blood´s season four premiere, and a lot of things happened there, and there´s a lot of buzz going on out there about this show and this season four premiere particularily.
But let´s have a little recap of what happened.

Episode 37: True Blood “She’s Not There” Video Recap

But we also have Episode 37: True Blood “She’s Not There” Inside the Episode Video

And as if this was not good enough… you can get here a Preview…

Watch Preview Spoiler Video of True Blood Episode 38: “You Smell Like Dinner”

And just if you are still craving some more True Blood Videos, I have here just what you are looking for, since I have here another one…

Jessica’s Video Blog “A House is Not a Home”

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I´m sure I don´t need to tell you this, but remember to watch True Blood next Sunday on HBO!