betty dad dying on ugly betty ignacio suarezAs usual, Michael Ausiello has the spoilers and the scoop…

And now he gives us these spoilers on Ugly Betty

* CSI: Miami’s Adam Rodriguez kicks off his multi-episode arc as Hilda’s bad-boy ex and promptly finds himself embroiled in a love triangle with the sisters Suarez. One minute into his debut, and I couldn’t believe Miami let this guy go.
* An embarrassing-turned-empowering incident at school leads to a major turning point in the ongoing saga of Justin’s sexuality that is alternately shocking and heartbreaking.
* A significant character dies. I think.
* Ana Ortiz carves out an early spot on my Dream Emmy Ballot with a performance that will move you to tears and laughter. Honorable mentions go to Michael Urie, Mark Indelicato, Vanessa Williams, and America Ferrera, who has come to embody Betty so wholly that it’s easy to take her superior work for granted.
* Mode is rocked by news of an OMG departure.

So, let´s speculate…

Who is dying on Ugly Betty?

My bet… Ignacio Suarez, Betty´s dad is dying on Ugly Betty

What do you think?