Undercover-Bridesmaid_hallmarkFolks at Hallmark are setting up another great family movie, in this case called Undercover Bridesmaid. Some jobs are a little bit more dangerous than others.  Take being a bodyguard.  It’s really no picnic.  The only time anyone notices you is when something goes wrong – and then they notice you A LOT.  In the Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere “Undercover Bridesmaid,” Brooke Burns of “Melrose Place” fame stars as a bodyguard who goes undercover to protect a Texas tycoon’s daughter from multiple death threats.  Did we mention that the tycoon’s daughter happens to be getting married?  Well, she is.  And that makes the job doubly difficult for Tanya Harsin (Burns) in trying to protect Daisy (Nicole Paggi, “Hope & Faith”), the gorgeous but spoiled rotten bride-to-be.  Daisy’s dad is Jim Thompson (Gregory Harrison, “One Tree Hill”) who has turned his daughter into the high maintenance girl she is today.   But for Tanya, Daisy turns out to be the least of her problems.  She’s also got to contend with the overly bubbly bridesmaids; an aunt who is depleting the family scholarship fund; a playboy cousin with an inheritance at stake; a business partner with a great big ax to grind; and a groom (Jay Kenneth Johnson, “Days of Our Lives”) who seems to have an eye for every female he gazes at.  That’s not even to mention the groom’s charming best pal, Jake (Justin Baldoni, “The Bold and the Beautiful”), who mysteriously wanders off after a shooting goes down.  But of course, it’s Tanya who is really trying to pass herself off as something she’s not.  And pretty soon, despite her best efforts, it all starts to blow up in her face.  A happy ending seems far, far away.  But that just makes the bliss taste all the sweeter once it arrives in “Undercover Bridesmaid,” which ultimately proves that the best things in life come concealed as something else.

Undercover Bridesmaid – Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere Sunday, April 15 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C)

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