Continuing our coverage of our trip to Orlando, Florida, it is time to take a look at one of the family and kids oriented attraction: Crayola Experience.

Crayola Experience Orlando Florida

The Entrance to Crayola Store at the Florida Mall. Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

The Crayola Experience is located inside The Florida Mall and is a two story space dedicated to the crayons and whatever you can do with them. A mini theme park about crayons so to speak.

It is an interactive space where kids and grown ups can create different kinds of arts and drawings using Crayola crayons in different ways through 25 stations.
There´s signage everywhere explaining the whats and hows of every station, and there are ready to help employees too. Particularily in the melting ovens they are handy as they are more difficult than the rest of the stations.

Crayola Experience Orlando Entrance

The Entrance to Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall. Photo Credit: Crayola

Everything in there is included in the ticket, and you can print coloring pages too, so it´s a great deal. There are only two stations that require tokens, but with your ticket you have two tokens included, and can purchase extra tokens should you want to.

Some of the activities you can do at Crayola Experience:

Art Alive is a really good one. You take a seat in fron of a tablet and color a character. (I chose the Alien Octopus, and did not actually take a long time perfecting it).

Crayola Experience Orlando Florida

You can color your own Octopus Alien and have it displayed in a wall.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Once you are finished with it, you send it to the wall, and you can see your drawing interacting with other drawings. It was funny to see a kid going crazy at the walls and coming back asking the dad if the drawing was ready. The dad was taking a long time detailing the drawing and going in a deep concentration as if he was playing the World Chess Championship.

Crayola Experience Orlando Florida

Art Alive at Crayola Experience Orlando.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Be A Star. In this station you select a backdrop, and then you snap a selfie and you are instantly turned into a coloring page.

Doodle in the dark: Neon lighted boards so you can draw and it gets shiny oh so shiny.

Drip Art: A very cool one, in which you pick two different colored crayons and put them in a melting oven. When it starts dripping you can have the sheet moving at different speeds so the drip creates different forms.
I could not have my girlfriend moving away from that station. She did six or seven of those. I only did the purple one below. They could look really cool as a backdrop to a wall clock.

Crayola Experience Orlando Florida

You can do Melted Crayons Art at Crayola Experience.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Melt and Mold: Where you melt crayons in an oven and then have them drop in molds with different froms, like cars, sharks, seahorses and more.
Meltdown: Already melted crayons in liquid form so you can paint with brushes.

Puzzle It: You first draw something in a hard cardboard sheet, and then you put it through a puzzle maker machine, and you have your very own puzzle.

Wrap It Up: A station (Where you use your tokens) to personalize a crayon. You first pick the color, then you personalize the sticker, and finally you roll it yourself and you have your personalized crayon.

The Crayola Experience is located within The Florida Mall, so you have a great excuse to leave the kids with your spouse and take a little shopping spree through the mall, or you can all enjoy the place. Also, a good thing is that they close at 8PM, so you can go there after other activities.
You should allot a minimum of one to two hours to do every station, and depending on how creative your kids (or yourself) are, you could spend hours and hours in there.
Parking is free at The Florida Mall, so that is another plus.
Good thing is that, compared to a lot of other family attractions in Orlando, in this one you won´t get as exhausted, as most drawings will be done while being seated.
There is a big gift shop where you can buy all kinds of crayon related stuff and of course crayons.
I will give you one warning though. There is a lot of crayon going on, and a lot of melted crayon. Don´t go in with thinking you won´t get at least a stain in your wardrobe.

You can check out the Crayola Experience website for more information. And, in case you want to go and you are not in Orlando, there´s another one in Minneapolis and one in Easton.

Let me know you thoughts if you attended Crayola Experience or plan to. And you can subscribe or Follow me on Twitter or any other social media for more reviews and Travel Tips.