ThreeWeeksThreeKids_anna_chlumsky_warren_christieWarren Christie, a working man’s actor, who previously starred in ABC’s “October Road” and “Happy Town,” and will soon be seen in SyFy’s world of superheroes “Alphas,” makes his romantic comedy debut in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere, “Three Weeks, Three Kids,” Saturday, May 7 (9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C) – all part of Hallmark Channel’s COUNTDOWN TO MOTHER’S DAY weekend of special programming.

And where is he rom-com debuting? in Three Weeks, Three Kids alongside Anna Chlumsky who at age thirty has almost twenty years in her pocket as a romantic comedy star.
So it seems Warren Christie is in good hands.

What is Three Weeks Three Kids about? Plot Synopsis

Jennifer Mills is a beautiful, free-spirited twenty-something who lives life without commitments. Her fear of settling down is immediately obvious on the job at a graphic design company, where she is hesitant about accepting a promotion. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s sister Mandy is the exact opposite. Although older, she has settled into a busy life with a husband and three kids.
Jennifer stops by Mandy’s house on the way home from work to give her some travel guides—Mandy and her husband Brian are finally taking a long-awaited honeymoon after years of marriage, leaving their daughters, Alice, fifteen, and Flo, twelve, and son, Miles, eight, at home. The kids’ grandparents are supposed to fly up from Florida to watch the kids for three weeks. As Jennifer is running out the door she careens into Will, the handsome guy buying his aunt’s house across the street.
The next day, as Mandy is doing some last minute packing, her mom, Kathryn, calls. Mandy’s dad, Russell, fell and bruised his hip. They won’t be able to come watch the kids for a couple days. Upset she might miss her trip, Mandy calls Jennifer, who immediately offers to watch the kids for a few days until their parents can fly up. Mandy and Brian are skeptical, knowing Jennifer isn’t very responsible, but eventually they agree.
Mandy gives Jennifer lists of instructions to follow for the kids’ schedules, before saying a teary goodbye. After Mandy and Brian leave in a cab, it slowly sinks in to Jennifer exactly how hard this might be. Jennifer picks up Miles from school and makes a stop at work to tell her boss she won’t be in for a few days. Thinking she is just avoiding the promotion and responsibility, her boss isn’t surprised.
That night, Jennifer makes dinner—not exactly Mom’s cooking—and puts the kids to bed. Thinking this isn’t so hard after all, Jennifer reassures Mandy everything is fine, and goes to bed. But when she’s asleep, Alice sneaks out and meets her boyfriend, Sean, on his motorcycle, driving off into the night.
In London, Brian is trying to get Mandy to relax and have a little romance. Back at home, Jennifer attempts to do laundry when she realizes the washing machine is broken. Panicked, she calls her boyfriend, Quinn, who is no help. Luckily, Mandy left Will’s number on the fridge. Will comes over and agrees to help fix the leak if Jennifer will have lunch with him.
The two sit outside over lunch and talk about Will’s past as a restaurant owner in San Diego. Will, who seems interested in her, offers to cook dinner one night, but Jennifer says no thanks, since she won’t be staying much longer. Will tries to hide his disappointment.
That night as Jennifer tries to cook a real meal, Kathryn calls. She tells Jennifer that her dadisn’t getting better, and they may not be able to come watch the kids at all. Jennifer is seriously worried, but back in Florida, Kathryn smiles as she hangs up the phone as Russell, in perfect health, refills her wine glass. She knows exactly what she is doing.
Jennifer goes over to Will’s house to borrow a vacuum cleaner. He asks her out on a date, but Jennifer fesses up to having a boyfriend. Will plays it cool, but is clearly a little disappointed. Quinn calls Jennifer that night, expecting her to meet him out for karaoke. When she tells him she can’t, he gets mad that she is breaking their plans and hangs up.
Having just arrived in Paris, Brian is excited, hoping his wife will finally loosen up for a romantic vacation, but Mandy’s stomach drops when she hears that Jennifer will need to stay with the kids for the rest of the trip. Worried that her irresponsible sister can’t handle it, Mandy searches for flights home, making Brian furious. He confronts her and tells her their marriage is in trouble if all she can think about is the kids. Letting that sink in, Mandy finally agrees to share a romantic dinner with her husband.
Meanwhile, Jennifer is doing her best with the kids. She takes Flo to her first middle school party, where she fits right in and starts flirting with the cutest boy in school. But Miles is having a harder time. The school bully, Toby, is stealing his lunch, unbeknownst to Jennifer or his parents. When Miles forgets his gym shoes after Jennifer drops him off, she turns around and sees Toby pinning Miles against a tree. Springing into action, Jennifer wrestles Toby away. Miles is mortified, and angry with Jennifer for embarrassing him.
Jennifer runs into Will again, and she tells him she has reconsidered and would like him to cook dinner for her and the kids one night. At soccer practice, Flo’s popularity starts backfiring when Erika, the most popular girl, is jealous. Flo comes home crying and Jennifer tries to talk to her about it, but Flo wants to be alone. Jennifer gets ready for a date with Quinn, and her friend Sarah shows up to watch the kids.
Over dinner, Jennifer talks nonstop about the kids to Quinn, who couldn’t be less interested. He tells her she has changed, and he doesn’t like it. Furious, she storms out of the restaurant. At home, Jennifer and Sarah have a heart to heart. Sarah can’t wait to get married and have kids, and Jennifer still can’t understand why anyone would want to take on so much responsibility, but Sarah assures her having kids doesn’t have to mean giving up joy in life.
Alice is out with Sean, drinking and partying in the woods, when the cops show up and she gets busted. Jennifer picks her up in the middle of the night, angry. She reprimands Alice for drinking and forbids her to hang out with Sean anymore. Back at home, where Will is waiting for her, she suddenly bursts into tears, thinking she has messed up everything with the kids.
The next morning, Jennifer calls Mandy to tell her to come home, but then decides against it. She makes things better with Flo, and apologizes to Miles. Kathryn calls Jennifer to see how she’s doing, and Jennifer tells her mom how hard it has been, and how much she admires her and Mandy for being great moms. Teary-eyed and touched, Kathryn decides it’s time to travel.
Jennifer, Will, and the kids return home from grocery shopping for Will’s dinner, and are shocked to see Kathryn and Russell when they walk in the house. Then, everyone is surprised when Mandy and Brian walk through the front door. They explain they had a great time in Europe, but missed the kids and wanted to come home.
As the ladies prepare dinner with Will, the guys play football outside. Jennifer asks her mom how Russell can play football with a bruised hip. Trying to look innocent, Kathryn is forced to explain. Always the wise mom, Kathryn predicted Jennifer needed the experience to grow up, and Mandy needed her honeymoon to remember how to loosen up and fall in love again.
At the end of the night, Jennifer is sad to leave the house and go back to her lonely and dark apartment, but she has had a breakthrough. The next day, she marches into Charlie’s office and tells him she wants to accept the promotion. Then, Jennifer stops by Will’s house where she finally accepts a date with him, sealing it with a kiss. Crossing the street to Mandy and Brian’s, Jennifer offers to watch the kids one night a week while the two have a date night, and everyone couldn’t agree with the plan more.

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