junior-varsity-linked-outFolks at Junior Varsity, the same that brought The Best Sketch Comedy Show just launched a new project, called Linked Out, that they are posting on My Damn Channel.
The idea behind this web series is to spoof technology, apps, and their users.
They have put up two sketches so far: Scuri and Facebook Intervention.

The first one, Facebook Intervention is about a guy who is not so into Facebook, and his family feels the need to intervene and make him go on Facebook to make the family relations better. It is funny. The second one, Scuri, is a spoof of Apple´s speech recognition app and it´s even funnier than the first one. And that makes me want to wait for video number three soon.

I recommend you to also take a little time to check out the whole channel of these guys, in case you missed their previous work. It won´t take long, as it never takes too long with webseries as a format.

I am waiting to see how they spoof Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and even Pinterest.

Will you give them a chance? Let me know in the comments section once you checked them out. And remember to follow me on Twitter for more webseries reviews. Or Pitch me yours if you produce your own webseries..