Today we did a special coverage… and that´s quite ok… today history is being made, right?

We saw how to watch Obama´s Inaugural Ball, we posted the transcript of Obama´s speech, how to watch his speech online, and how to download it.

We showed you Barack Obama and Michelle Obama´s first dance video.

Well, now it´s time to see what did our Series and TV celebrities said about this historical day on Twitter

  • Michael Urie from Ugly Betty said: It’s Bush’s last day . . . HOORAY!!!!
  • He also said: we took a break from shooting today to watch Mr. Obama’s inaugural speech
  • Monty Python´s John Cleese said: What a truly great day for America. An historic moment.
  • Stephen Fry said: Lunch at the Ivy, then business meeting: but will be home in time to watch Obama’s inauguration… he then added: “We will raise science to its rightful place”. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!
  • Sacha Baron Cohen´s alter ego Borat: People are dropping like flies at the inaugural luncheon. Obama’s Pimp Juice is just too powerful for old white guys.
  • Extremely hot presenter Brooke Burke: watching the Inuaguration. Big day today!
  • Director David Lynch: Thought of the Day: All good wishes for the new President of the United States Barack Obama!
  • Erykah Badu consecutive four twitts: 1…dont eat a bite of food at that luncheon OBAMA – 2…switch plates with ted – 3… smart move … obama switched plates with ted – 4…oh shit , ted just collapsed
  • The Nanny star Fran Drescher: how exciting 2 b living thru this era in US history!!
  • Funny man Jimmy Fallon agrees with us: Remember where you are on this day. You will never forget it. How exciting?
  • MC Hammer (does he need further introduction?): President Obama about to roll to his new home for the next 8 years….Thank you America !!!
  • The Oc´s Mischa Barton: Loved President Obama’s speech, I cried. A truly moving day.
  • NBA Star Shaquille O´Neal: The obama speech, wow, was dat memorized, very impressive, im jealous
  • Singer and songwriter Tom Waits: A good day for Americans.
  • MTV´s presenter XZBIT twitted a lot: 1- Fuck fox news they just called President Obama a “skinny little 47 year old” 2- Ted Kennedy Collapsed at luncheon….not funny 3- I was always told today would only happen on “A COLD DAY IN HELL” I would like say it is 28 degrees in hell this afternoon. 4- Man if you even pull out a lighter on this parade route, your ass is gonna get shot. I count 1000 guns around the President alone right now. 5- Commander in Chief Barack Obama. Now lets get back to work. 6- “We are willing to extend our hand, if you are willing to unclench your fist.” simply classic.

What did you twitt about today?

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