Coco OscarsExcitement is building again as we approach another year of the Academy Awards. As actors, directors, and others from the motion picture industry await the announcements on the big day, now is the time for you to get ready for the Oscars by catching up on your film watching. Here are must-see movies for you to enjoy before the ceremonies begin.


  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The special effects in the Star Wars movies call out for the big screen. Watch it while you can and you’ll be better prepared before the Oscars begin. Truly get into the spirit by hosting a film-fest for your friends and showing the Star Wars movies leading up to The Last Jedi. Decorate with cardboard cutouts of your favorite Star Wars characters and you’ll be set for hours of enjoyment with your friends or loved ones.


  1. The Shape of Water

The movie The Shape of Water is shaping up to be the standout for this year’s Oscars awards. With multiple nominations, including Best Picture, critics expect this movie to sweep up a number of wins this year. The film combines great cinematography with a touching story, leading it to outstanding reviews by both professional critics and regular movie-goers.


  1. Dunkirk

We all know the story but director Christopher Nolan does an amazing job making this story of war, heroes, and survival personal. It’s no wonder the film has been nominated for both Best Picture and Best Director.


  1. Coco

The highly-regarded film, Coco, seems destined to win Best Animated Film. It was a hit with children but the story and music captured the hearts of movie-goers of all ages. Its colorful use of Day of the Dead imagery provides an exciting world of mesmerizing sights and sounds that make this movie an experience that people are enjoying over and over.


  1. Darkest Hour

Perhaps it is a story we think we already know but the movie, Darkest Hour, breathes new life into this story. This captivating movie is a must-watch in order to truly appreciate that pivotal time when the fate of the UK and much of the world hung in the balance. The brilliant acting and cinematography sweep us away, keeping this from being a history lesson. Rather, we see the trials, fails, and triumphs of real and flawed people, faced with the worse crisis our world had ever known.


  1. Lady Bird

On the surface, this movie looks like one of those small, intimate films that would be likely to receive positive critical reviews but fail to achieve much public acclaim. Lady Bird, however, isn’t fading out of sight. In addition to receiving nominations for Academy Awards, including Best Picture, the film is now the best-reviewed film of all time on Rotten Tomatoes. As the Oscar buzz increases, look for it in wider distribution to meet the public demand.


Of course, there are plenty more films that are sure to get some love from the Academy – especially, think Phantom Thread; Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; Get Out, and Call Me by Your Name. Now go binge-watch in time for the red carpet!