The frenzy about Lost Season 5 is with us, and it´s here to stay probably.

This week Lost had a two episode premiere consisting of Because you Left, and The Lie.

As always with Lost… a lot of questions are now raising.

So, what questions did Lost double episode premiere leave us with?

  • How can you calm a baby? That one was actually answered: “You play the baby a Willie Nelson´s song“.
  • What the hell was Daniel Faraday doing in the Orchid that much time ago?
  • How are the tables turning? Is Daniel Faraday the new leading role?
  • What´s the deal with Neil? They raised his profile so when getting killed by the arrows we noticed?
  • Are Sawyer and Julliet the new Lost hot couple?
  • Is Hurley´s relationship with Carmen (her mother) going to take preminence? Or did she just tell him “I believe in you… I don´t understand you, but I believe you” just to support him.
  • What happens if Ben can´t take them all to come back? God help us all!
  • Is Hurley pulling an Izzie Stevens? Are they really going to make that mistake?

What questions did Lost Season Premiere leave you?

I want to hear (or read) all your theories about Season 5 of Lost!