when-i-fell-from-the-sky-book-reviewHer case is one of the most well remembered cases when we talk about surviving a plane crash. It´s either her, or the folks from the Rugby plane over the Andes that happened a decade later and was immortalized in the movie Aive! Hers, Julianne Koepcke´s, is the case about the teenager whose plane fell in the Amazon Jungle on 1971 (then, now called Amazon Rain Forest), and, being the sole survivor, traveled along the jungle following little streams of water until she reached the Yuyapichis river which finally took her, after eleven more days towards a group of woodcutters who brought her to safety in the nearest city.
Even though that story alone is incredibly interesting, the book´s not only about that, but a whole biography of her since before she was born, following her father´s footsteps from his native WWII Germany to Peru on. And, just like the book does not start with the accident, it also does not end with it, but continues on to tell Koepcke´s actual story and her efforts to turn the Panguana area in Peruvian Jungle into a nature reserve.
The book is interesting for anyone who wants to read about biographies and survival stories and you can read it quite fast. It has parts that are more entertaining that others, such as her father´s journey, the accident itself and the process of making Panguana a preserved area; while others are not flowing so well, as her doctorate thesis project and other academic studies that I bet are more interesting to a niche audience.
In conclusion, it is a book to be enjoyed even though it will not turn into a classic.
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