white-collar-spoilers-quotes-poer-play-peter-burke-neal-caffreySeason finale is getting closer and closer. We had nice interviews with Tiffany Thiessen and Hilarie Burton recently upped to series regular, and now, the newest episode of White Collar, called Power Play. In this episode of White Collar, Peter and Neal assume each other’s identities to uncover a collusion scheme The West Wing alum Richard Schiff guest stars on this episode.

In probably one of the best written episodes of the year all over TV, we get to see Peter and Neal at the top of their game. Hats off to Jeff Eastin and the great team of writers at White Collar.

Best Quotes from White Collar S02E15 Power Play

Elizabeth: One thing I like about your boss is he knows what he wants

Elizabeth: Is everything alright?
Brooke: No, it´s not

Elizabeth: Neal has a calming smile
Peter: Ok, I will bring Neal and his calming smile

Neal: How was Argentina?
Sara: Hot, but interesting

Peter: Now this is personal

Neal: Hi, I´m agent Peter Burke. Hi hon
Elizabeth: Hi honey

Neal: Which one of us will tell Peter? I vote you
Elizabeth: Thanks

Neal: Hey hon
Elizabeth: Hi hon

Elizabeth: Actually this is Neal Caffrey
Brooke: Are you an agent too?
Peter: No, I wish I was. I´m just a consultant
Brooke: So how does that work?
Peter: Actually, I´m a criminal
Brooke: A criminal?
Peter: I´ve made a lot of really bad choices, which landed me in prison, but now I assist the FBI. As a matter of fact, had it not been for agent Burke here. I´d still be in prison, rotting.
Neal: You give me way more credit than I deserve
Peter: Oh, no, no, no. Don´t be modest Peter. You caught me, twice, and you can send me back any time you want

Neal: I know Neal seems intimidating, but he´s very useful in cases like yours. In fact, I think he´s the most valuable asset we have here in the bureau

Jones: Don´t you hate it when Neal makes you get him coffee?
Peter: You are getting me mocka lattes for the rest of the month

Peter: Do I wanna know?
Mozzie: Not yet

Elizabeth: You know it´s sexy watching you plan a heist

Elizabeth: Maybe you could wear a hat

Peter: If there´s a job, I´m your man

Peter: Like I said, I´m the best

Peter: Seriously? Kung Fu?
Mozzie: I´m preparing you

Peter: Give me my twenty dollars back or I´ll arrest you
Mozzie: Oh, you are gonna be a difficult student

Neal: Peter knows

Mozzie: Ok, listen up sausage fingers. We don´t have the whole day

Mozzie: Understatement is the key

Sara: I like the mistery

Sara: I know what is like to have a lot of questions

Sara: I never found the answers I was looking for

Mozzie: You, Peter Burke are ready to commit a crime

Peter: You don´t give me the be careful speech… I invented the be careful speech

Neal: Go out there and make me look good

Peter: I´m in

Sara: Did Neal send you to sit with me?

Sara: I do want you Moz
Mozzie: Please, control yourself

Peter: As my wife´s husband

Neal: This is my lovely wife Elizabeth
Peter: You married up

Elizabeth: So this is undercover work, huh?
Neal: I´m sure Peter´s hating every second of it

Peter: If I´m right, he´s gonna try to kill us both

Peter: Like he said: FBI has you surrounded

Peter: You enjoyed being me?

Peter: Being Neal Caffrey has its charm

Mozzie: The urgency trascends the awakwardness

Mozzie: You missed a button

Big White Collar Spoiler: Neal and Sara kiss!

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