who-is-quinn-perkins-scandal-spoilerScandal first season finale wrapped up a very good, yet short run, and ABC renewed Scandal, so we can see what´s next. Fortunately. Because the finale of Scandal left a lot of answers, but a lot of questions too.
Cyrus is the one who hired the hitman to kill Amanda. That´s one answer. Billy Campbell is dead for season two? That´s a question and the answer´s probably yes.
Folks at TVGuide did an interview with Shonda Rhimes about the finale of Scandal.

In the closing moments of Scandal’s first season finale, Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) associates were treated to a new mystery that had been under their nose the whole time: Who is Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes)? The question of her true identity came up after the team had spent the hour trying to cover up any connection Quinn had to the now-dead reporter Gideon (Brendan Hines), whom the Vice President’s Chief of Staff (Matt Letscher) murdered last episode after Gideon uncovered vital information pertaining to President Fitzgerald’s (Tony Goldwyn) adultery scandal.

Seriously, who is Quinn Perkins, and how soon will we find out the answer?
Rhimes: I think you’re going to find the answer very interesting. I’m still deciding [when we’ll reveal it].

So, who is Quinn Perkins on Scandal? I have some options:

  1. She´s a fugitive.
  2. She´s a protected witness
  3. She´s the daughter of someone misterious we´ll meet in season two
  4. She´s supposed to be dead.

What do you think? Who is Quinn Perkins on Scandal? Head to the comments for your theory. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more Scandal spoilers and scoop.