william-catherine-royal-romance-hallmark “William & Catherine: A Royal Romance” World Premiere. The Hallmark Channel Original Movie Exclusively on Hallmark Channel is scheduled for saturday, August 27 (9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C)

Meet the Royals:  In “William & Catherine: A Royal Romance,” esteemed actress Jane Alexander portrays Queen Elizabeth with warmth and a competitive drive that shows up even in Wii tennis.  Alexander is pictured with Stanley Eldridge as Prince Harry, Mark Penfold as Prince Philip, Victor Garber as Prince Charles, and Dan Amboyer as Prince William.

When Prince William sealed his engagement to Kate Middleton with his mother’s famous sapphire and diamond ring, inspiration struck seven-time Emmy-winning filmmaker Linda Yellen.  Her unique take on the royal love story is a tribute of sorts to the late Princess Diana and to the impact she continues to have on her son’s life – and it includes Diana as a character.

Diana is played by English actress Lesley Harcourt in the Exclusive World Premiere telefilm.  Newcomer Alice St. Clair is Kate Middleton.  Jean Smart portrays Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in a more sympathetic way than Prince Charles’ wife is usually seen, the actress hopes.

Yellen says she wanted to show the people behind the royal facade. “You’ll see things that the royals do and say, and some might think, ‘This is made up, this is not so,’” she says, “but everything had to be verified.”

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