video-of-faces-of-disco-on-britains-got-talentBritain´s Got Talent is a great show, where Paul Potts and George Sampson came out… and where Susan Boyle made a breaking performance for You Tube.

Britain’s Got Talent is a British television show on ITV and part of the Got Talent series. Presented by Ant & Dec, it is a search for Britain’s next best talent act featuring singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other talents of all ages. Anyone who believed they have talent was encouraged to audition. The winner of both series received £100,000 and are given the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of members of the Royal Family, including the Queen.

On the first semifinal, Faces of Disco went after Diversity on Britain´s Got Talent, Sue Sun´s performance , Darth Jackson dance act , Natalie Okri song, Julia Naidenko belly dance and Nick Hell´s gruesome demonstration.

Who are Faces of Disco on Britain´s Got Talent?

Britain’s Got Talent mask act Faces of Disco are hoping their comedy impersonations can take them to the top in their showbiz career.

The pair recently reunited to ‘get the act back together’ after an eighteen-month break, during which they concentrated on their different careers.

Liam, (from Newcastle) and Richard (from Leicester) first met when they were both studying at Loughborough University.

Richard explained, “We were both training for athletics. I used to do middle distance events, and Liam was a hurdler”.

“All of the athletes used to hang out together, and get to know each other and have fun”.

“One day, I saw Liam near the athletes apartment block with a John Travolta suit – and I was like, ‘What are the chances? I have one of them!”

Liam went on, “Soon we were out dancing together on the streets of Coventry. It was a great way to raise cash to fund out athletics careers”.

Richard grinned, “Who would have thought five years later we’d still be here with the act, really good friends and having fun. We really enjoy it.”

The act was put on ice when the pair left university, as Richard concentrated on his work as a personal trainer, and Liam worked in the property field.  But somehow, those all-important showbiz ambitions wouldn’t fade.

Said Liam; “We really wanted to know, once and for all, if we were any good”.

“In athletics, if you don’t make the time, then you don’t make the grade”.

“But showbiz is subjective. You want expert opinions to say either ‘Hey, that’s fantastic, lads, you have a career in entertainment,’ or ‘that was really terrible, go back to your day job’”.

The lads have enjoyed reprising their dream of a showbiz career. Said Richard, “It’s been great for us, hasn’t it? We’ve got back together; we’ve dug out all the old stuff. It’s been good on a friendship level to laugh about all the old times and to dream about this”.

And Liam agreed: “We’re just going with the journey. We don’t know if the dream will be alive for just a few more weeks, or months or more”.

“A lot of times as you get older your dreams are flushed away, and diminished. But it’s nice to have a dream, innit – and we’re still holding on!”

Video of Faces of Disco on Britain´s Got Talent Semifinal!

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