hairo torres on america got talentAmerica´s Got Talent is a great show, in the same series where Paul Potts and George Sampson came out… and where Susan Boyle made a breaking performance for You Tube.

America’s Got Talent is an American television show and part of the Got Talent series. It is a search for America’s next best talent act featuring singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other talents of all ages. Anyone who believed they have talent was encouraged to audition. The winner receives U$S1,000,000 and are given the opportunity to perform at Las Vegas.

Yesterday, an amazing jaw dropping performance by Hairo Torres on America´s Got Talent.

Who is Hairo Torres from America´s Got Talent?

Hairo Torres from “America’s Got Talent” is one of the top 40 contestants on Season 4 of the NBC talent competition series. Hairo Torres from “America’s Got Talent 4” is a breakdancer from Grants Pass, Oregon. Hairo Torres has made it into the quarterfinals.

Hairo Torres is a 23-year-old breakdancer who was born in southern California and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon. Hairo Torres from “America’s Got Talent” began his dance journey at 13 and it has helped transform his life for the better. Hairo Torres currently works two jobs—as a clerk at a video store and at a distribution plant—but has dreamed of making a living using the love and passion he feels for his craft. Despite the skepticism he has faced from family and friends over the years, Hairo Torres continued to practice and to perfect his dance moves. Hairo Torres is taking on the “America’s Got Talent” competition in the hopes of capturing his dreams, making his family and friends proud, and inspiring anyone who has hopes and dreams of becoming someone special in this world.

And here the You Tube Videos of  Hairo Torres on America´s Got Talent Quarterfinal!