video-of-jamie-pugh-on-britains-got-talentBritain´s Got Talent is a great show, where Paul Potts and George Sampson came out… and where Susan Boyle made a breaking performance for You Tube.

Britain’s Got Talent is a British television show on ITV and part of the Got Talent series. Presented by Ant & Dec, it is a search for Britain’s next best talent act featuring singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other talents of all ages. Anyone who believed they have talent was encouraged to audition. The winner of both series received £100,000 and are given the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of members of the Royal Family, including the Queen.

On the Second Semifinal, Jamie Pugh let the nerves get the best out of him.

Who is Jamie Pugh on Britain´s Got Talent?

By day 37 year-old Jamie Pugh is a warehouse worker, by night he delivers pizzas, but this existence is a far cry from the life he wishes he could live, one where is phenomenal talent is accepted and appreciated by other people.

“I’m just a simple bloke from the valleys,” said Jamie in the holding room before he went onstage: “All I want to do is sing.”

However excruciating stage fright had always prevented Jamie from fulfilling his dream, singing in public has always been a massive problem for him and he’d not slept for three nights leading up to his audition because of his nerves.

Physically shaking Jamie stood in front of the 3,000-strong audience and said:

“I’m going to sing Bring Him Home from Les Miserables… well I’m going to try.”

“Have you ever sung in front of an audience before?” Simon asked.

“No,” was Jamie’s simple reply.

He took a minute or so to compose himself before he gave the signal to the wings for the music to begin. What followed would have shocked those in the theatre and those at home in equal measures, because Jamie’s rendition of the West End classic was spellbinding.

Sung so beautifully and with such raw emotion, it was hard not to feel your eyes fill up with tears! A truly moving audition that had the crowd screaming and cheering their appreciation at its conclusion.

Jamie looked shocked, seemingly unable to comprehend the magnificent reception that came his way.

“It is a beautiful song,” Amanda told him: “That was amazing!”

“I’ve got to say Jamie,” Piers began: “I was not expecting that type of performance from you… I thought it was incredible!”

Simon stared at Jamie with a warm smile and said: “I think I know how important the last three minutes were to the rest of your life. People like you are why we come to Wales every year, because we like to find special, special talent.”

And with a trademark wink he continued: “I think we’ve found just one!”

He then urged Jamie to start believing in himself more, before adding:

“This could be a big moment in your life and I am really happy for you.”

Backstage with Ant and Dec, Jamie was stunned yet extremely happy.

“Just for this brief moment, I feel complete,” he said as a slow smile stretched his face.

Video of Jamie Pugh on Britain´s Got Talent Semifinal!

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