zarb-webseries-review It´s time to review another Web Series. In this case, Zarb, the web series. Zarb is a web series about an ex-priest who suffers from psychosis and dementia. He spends his days in a junk yard, battling his many imaginary friends, and rendering the lives of his two roommates — two bizarre homeless men — a living hell.

As they put it in their on tagline, it´s Absurdity at its finest. Let´s see if they can live up to that promise.

The series was created, written, directed and edited by Steven Cerritos, and produced by Alberto Martinez, starring Zarb as himself, Charles Lo´Manto and Tyler Brent as the two homeless roommates.

The music at the start sounds like a mix between No Smoking Orchestra and Argentinian acordeon.

The first season of the web series consists on 12 episodes, and an episode Zero.

It is absurd, I´ll give you that, and it´s a good thing each episode lasts no more than a couple of minutes. In a two minutes span you can enjoy it; probably going to a larger format the show should evolve elsewhere.
The actors are very expressive but exaggeration is not a good thing.

Zarb the webseries has the potential to be very entertaining if limiting some “Absurdity” cliches.

Watching the full first season will take you less than half an hour, so it won´t hurt you giving it a try.
(My advice though: skip episode Zero. Doesn´t add much and can hurt you disposition to watch the rest).

These guys from Zarb are definitely testing the waters, and I´m positive season two, or the next project from them will be much more polished, and will avoid the easy go to jokes, and the over the top-ness.
The potential is there, they still need to grow to match it.

You can visit Zarb The Web Series here or visit the show´s facebook page here

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