My friends from TV Cable Providers did a great list compiling 10 Movie Stars With TV Shows that Flopped and it´s an interesting list to check out.

10 Movie stars with bad TV shows

1- Henry Fonda (The Deputy NBC 1959-61, The Smith Family ABC 1972)
2- Lana Turner (The Survivors ABC 1969)
3- Shirley MacLaine (Shirley’s World ABC 1971)
4- Judy Garland (The Judy Garland Show CBS 1963-64)
5- Bing Crosby (The Bing Crosby Show, ABC 1964-65)
6- Anthony Quinn (The Man And The City ABC 1971)
7- Jimmy Stewart (The Jimmy Stewart Show NBC 1971-72, Hawkins CBS 1973-74)
8- Richard Widmark (Madigan NBC 1972-73)
9- Tony Curtis (The Persuaders ABC 1971-72, McCoy NBC 1976)
10- Jerry Lewis (The Jerry Lewis Show ABC 1963, NBC 1967-69)

There are a lot more Movie stars with bad shows, and there are probably many more TV Stars with bad movies, but that´s probably material for a different list and article.

What do you think about this list of ten Movie Stars in bad shows. Let me know in the comments section.
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