css-raising-kids-on-the-spectrum-101-inspirational-stories-for-parents-of-children-with-autism-and-aspergers-194x300This review was done by Dayana in Spanish for her blog and for mine in English.

This is a book that its full title is longer as it is 101 inspirational stories for parents of children with Autism and Asperger´s by Dr Rebecca Landa of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Mary Beth Marsden, Nancy Burrows and Amy Newmark. And follows the lines of the whole Chicken Soup for the Soul collection of telling short life stories of different themes, in this case, parenting stories that have to deal with Asperger´s and Autism.

It has some things that made me think of other books like Family caregivers and Stay at home moms, as they tackle, albeit from diferent perspectives and spirits, stories that are related.

The feeling that the books leave me with is that it´s not where you planned to be in life, but once you are there it´s not that bad. No one says it´s not difficult and challenging and even frustrating in more ways than one; but through the power of love and laughter you can survive quite well and enjoy a different aspect of the so-called normality. When you look at someone really close… no one is normal after all.
The book is a great read, specially for those living with the subject in day to day life.

There are also a lot of useful links included in the book that I feel it´s a good addition for this review to include them here:

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