Chuck-spoiler-chuck-proposes-marriage-sarah-ringWell hello. I´m now in the Chuck spoiler mood, so, I´ll give you this one: If you were able to watch Season 4 preview of Chuck, for instance, at Ausiello´s, you got the sneak peak at a marriage Chuck Spoiler, when Chuck is on one knee in front of Sarah with a ring in his hands.

Anyone who watches that would certainly get the idea that Chuck proposes marriage to Sarah, right? Some would get very excited over this possibility.

But, what I´m thinking is that it was all sort of a Joey Tribbiani proposing to Rachel Green mistake and Sarah misunderstands something, and there´s not a real marriage proposal from Chuck to Sarah on Chuck.

My guess is that ring has something to do with Linda Hamilton´s character, Chuck´s mom, who will play a center role in this season.

Chuck and Sarah will be a couple for long this season, but I don´t see them tying the knot. I don´t see that preview clip of a marriage proposal from Chuck to Sarah on Chuck as being a real proposal.

If it was a real marriage proposal, they wouldn´t spoil it on the preview. Don´t you think?

What´s your opinion on this? Head to the comments and let me know your thoughts on this Chuck spoiler about a marriage proposal from Chuck to Sarah or not.

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