Earlier tonight, on Current TV’s “Politically Direct 2012: 2012 Iowa Caucus,” former Vice President and Current TV co-founder Al Gore and former Michigan Governor and host of the upcoming week-nightly program “The War Room with Jennifer Granholm,” (premiering in January) Jennifer Granholm joined “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur” host  Cenk Uygur, for commentary and analysis as the as-yet too-close-to-call Iowa caucus results rolled in.

Although the verdict is still out on the GOP frontrunner, Gore and Uygur ultimately agreed that the big winner of the night was President Obama, with Gore adding that “the contest on the Republican side has really dismayed a lot of Americans.”

Politically Direct 2012′: Al Gore, Jennifer Granholm and Cenk Uygur on Ron Paul’s racist newsletters

During Current TV’s “Politically Direct 2012” Iowa coverage, Cenk Uygur, Al Gore, Jennifer Granholm and members of “The Young Turks” talk about why Ron Paul has been so successful — especially among young voters — despite his controversial newsletters. “People like somebody who’s got a spine, ” Granholm says. “They want to see somebody willing to say ‘I disagree with you.'” But Gore still calls out Paul for his lax response to questions about racist statements in his newsletters. He says, “I just think that we’re kidding ourselves.”

‘Politically Direct 2012’: Gingrich changes abortion policy just hours before Iowa caucuses begin

During Current TV’s “Politically Direct 2012” Iowa coverage, Brian Unger tells Cenk Uygur, Jennifer Granholm and Al Gore that Newt Gingrich changed his stance on abortion just two hours before caucuses opened. For Gore, the move isn’t shocking. “This time 46 percent of those in the most reported poll of those who intended to caucus were born again or evangelical,” Gore says.”So they’re competing for that vote.”

‘Politically Direct 2012’: Jen Granholm and Al Gore on crying on the campaign trail

During Current TV’s “Politically Direct 2012” Iowa coverage, Cenk Uygur, Al Gore, and Jennifer Granholm debate whether the tears from Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry while campaigning are real. Jennifer Granholm says, “At the end of a campaign, your emotions are on edge, and some moment of real emotion — I think — does come out… I don’t think it’s staged.” Gore tells the panel that he doesn’t think he’s ever cried while campaigning. “I cried for you,” Cenk admits.

Politically Direct 2012′: Santorum may be 1 of 3, but he’s definitely winner of ‘conservative primary’

During Current TV’s “Politically Direct 2012” Iowa caucus coverage, Cenk Uygur, Jennifer Granholm and Al Gore discuss how Rick Santorum won the “conservative primary” in Iowa, no matter the actual final count of votes there. With Rick Perry the winner of the “money primary,” Gore says the other big player going into New Hampshire and other primaries is the influence of Fox News.

Politically Direct 2012′: Corporate money and attack ads will have huge sway in primary and general elections

During Current TV’s “Politically Direct 2012” Iowa caucuses coverage, Al Gore talks about how many negative ads are running against President Obama in his home state of Tennessee. Gore likened the strategy to both that used against Newt Gingrich in Iowa — where 45 percent of all negative ads targeted Gingrich — and how Clinton/Gore went after Bob Dole in rural areas in 1996. “There’s so much corporate money and special-interest money on the other side trying to defeat President Obama,” Gore says. “We can’t lose sight of what a big factor that is of trying to tilt the playing field for the general election.”

Politically Direct 2012′: Gore says Iowa GOP race ‘dismayed a lot of Americans’

After four hours of Iowa coverage, “Politically Direct 2012” panelists Al Gore and Cenk Uygur agree that President Obama is the big winner of the night. “The contest on the Republican side has really dismayed a lot of Americans,” Gore says. “To give credit to the people of Iowa, think about all that we now know about these candidates and their positions… It’s democracy at work, in one way — I just wish that big corporate money hadn’t played such a big role.” The one silver lining, Uygur says, is that super PAC spending seemed to most damage Newt Gingrich — the big loser in Iowa. “Santorum happened to win because that’s when the music stopped,” Uygur adds.

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