drew-carey-improv-a-ganza-spoilers-hoe-downsI had the chance to have a little interview with Kathy Kinney, Jonathan Mangum, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles from the most hilarious new show around: Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza. It airs every weeknight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on GSN and 11PM too.
It was the utmost enjoyable interview. It lasted one hour and I am already pitching them to have a podcast or something like that because I could not stop laughing through the entire interview…
But, I got some juiciy things from it, that I will be posting in the form of different Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza spoilers:

For the first one, I asked about one of Whose Line Is It Anyways Classics: Hoe Downs.

Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza spoiler: Hoe Downs or How Don´ts?

G.Paz – Seriesandtv.Com: There´s always some songs on the show… will we be getting any hoe downs?

K. Kinney    Colin, do you want to answer that?

C. Mochrie    I could say no. You’ll never see a hoe down. If there was any way we could have stopped a hoe down from being on Who’s Line we would have done it. If we could have done it retroactively we could have done it. It was,  a hoe down was never our favorite, as you can probably tell. It was just, you know we did hundreds of them and it every year just got harder and harder so I’m personally I’m glad to see it banished from this show.

R. Stiles    And also it’s one of those games where we’re kind of standing in a line and that was fine for Who’s Line but now we’re on a stage that’s, 100 feet across so again we want to keep it kind of active.

K. Kinney    It’s like, it’s the same people from Who’s Line but it’s a whole different show with all different formats and games. It’s really, and that Las Vegas audience, whoa.

G. Paz    Great but, and we’re still going to miss it.

K. Kinney    Awww, Gulilermo you’re a good guy.

C. Mochrie    Get over it man, it’s gone.

K. Kinney    It’s gone, yeah.

J. Mangum    … again.

G. Paz    Great. That’s okay, at least, at least I know I have to watch the reruns to get, to get some hoe downs.

C. Mochrie    I’m sure there’ll be a hoe down CD out with all the best hoe downs—

K. Kinney    Yeah and it is improv so you can just do it at home.

C. Mochrie    Yeah, yeah.

G. Paz    Yeah or at least where you can do one of those, those commercials that, that Colin and Ryan did where they introduced and, and Wayne Brady sang the best hoe downs.

R. Stiles    We, do do that. We have great … in this show.

K. Kinney    Yeah.

So… what do you think? Are you sad there will be no Hoe Downs in Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza? Let me know in the comments section.

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