fourth-and-forever-current-tvI am getting more and more invested in Current TV, especially ever since I had the chance to talk to Sam Branson in an exclusive interview where he told me what he felt when buried under a snow avalanche.
Well, now, next month Current TV launches a new Original Docu Series called 4th and Forever (May 26 PM ET) that chronicles the 2010 football season of Long Beach Polytechnic High School, touted by Sports Illustrated as the “Sports School of the Century.”  Similar to a real-life “Friday Night Lights” and “The Blind Side,” the series documents the trials and tribulations of a high school program that has sent more players on to the NFL than any other in the country with notable alum that include: Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver DeSean Jackson and offensive lineman Winston Justice; Washington Redskin’s safety Omar Stoutmire and the Houston Texan’s linebacker Darnell Bing, to name a few. Other notable Poly attendees include former professional tennis player Billie Jean King, actor John Wayne, actress Cameron Diaz and rapper Snoop Dogg.

Shot on location in Long Beach, California and throughout Southern California, the series will explore how the team is a point of pride for a community that struggles with poverty, drugs, and gangs and will document the personal relationships the players have with their “families” on and off the field.  For Coach Lara, whose full-time job is working the graveyard shift as a Deputy Probation Officer, the football program provides its players a way out; everyone is pushing ahead for that “golden ticket” – a college scholarship and a better life.

After decades of success, Poly had a down year in 2009. They had their worst season in 15 years and lost to local rival Lakewood for the first time in over 25 years.  The community is frustrated with the current coaches and, after years of being pegged as “the team to beat,” the aura of invincibility is gone.  The players are worried that their hopes for a college scholarship have dimmed.  The clock is ticking and the question is: Can the team pull it together for one more season of greatness? And, can the players avoid the temptations of the street, succeed in the classroom, and emerge victorious on the field?

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