Ok, this was no big deal alright, but it shows us another face of Hayden Pannetiere, the cheerleader needed to be saved so the world also could be saved.

Well, she´s all about saving the world, and she´s an animal roghts activist.

Let´s see what happened yesterday at Heroes stage between Hayden Pannetiere and a crew member

Hayden Panettiere ranted at a Heroes crew member after he used a lawn-blower to scare away birds on set, a report claims.

According to BANG Showbiz, the worker attempted to blast the creatures when they disrupted filming, resulting in a furious reaction from the 19-year-old actress, who plays Claire Bennet.

In the ensuing argument, Panettiere is quoted as saying: “What are you doing? How would you like someone to blow that thing inside your house?”

The row reportedly occurred after the birds flew in front of the camera as cast and crew filmed outdoor scenes for the hit NBC show. It is claimed that the director decided to move the scene to a new location in the aftermath of the incident.

Panettiere is a keen animal rights activist and has previously made headlines by attempting to rescue dolphins before a slaughter in Japan.

This report was by Daniel Kilkelly