housemdYou watch House MD doctors and they all wear their Scrubs open. Doctor Cameron does it, doctor Chase does it, doctor Foreman does, doctor Cuddy, doctor Wilson, doctor Taub, Doctor Thirteen, Doctor Kutner… everyone do it… well, except Doctor House, but he doesn´t even wear scrubs.

Isn´t the purpose of the scrubs to be closed and protecting the clothes, and being higienic? Well, apparently it´s more important for the show to let people know what they´re wearing underneath, since it´s soooo pretty what they wear.

But let´s see, maybe the problem is House MD… but oh, no, no, no… Grey´s Anatomy doctors also wear their scrubs open… ER doctors do it too, Private Practice doctors do it, even Scrubs doctors do it!

Come on!!!! Close them, button them up… you do so good medical researches for each episode but you can´t say, hey… these are worn buttoned up?

Come on!!!!