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Guillermo Paz onto Private Practice
Pat Harwood I am really disappointed that Private Practice is being cancelled. I look foward to watching this every week. I think there were only a few episodes recently. Seems like it was interrupted every other week with some special programming. My favorite tv shows to watch included Army Wives, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy
Gayle Johnson I love this show. I love Kate Walsh's character, Dr. Addison Montgomery. I am really sad to see it end. I hope that Addison marries before the season ends. Thanks for the excellent shows!
Guillermo Paz onto Private Practice, Talk Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Private Practice
Angie Please keep Private Practice on. It seems every time I find a show I love some one removes it from the TV schedule.
julie mchale I love the characters, especially Cooper, the pediatrician and that totally hot black guy. The psychiatrist is an interesting nerd, also. Good to see Benjamin Bratt again, too. I was a real fan of NYPD for years
ayoola hello to every body at home
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Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy, Spoilers
LittleMo I'm kind of surprised that at my age - 53 - something like this would bother me so much. I quit watching when I heard about the Mark and Lexie breaking up and if Grey's doesn't pu them back together again I won't watch again. When I 18 I dated a man who was 37. We got engaged when I was 19 and he was 38. If it wasn't for the drunk driver who killed him we would've been married for 35 years by now. How I can say that is because even after living a normal life all these years I never met anyone like him who could take his place or who I could feel that way about. I get so violently sick when I see how May/Dec. couples like Mark and Lexie on Grey's are treated as something that's creepy, that's dirty and nasty, that people can't wait to get away from, etc., as if people like them - and me - are a big joke. No one has to like every couple but leave our couple alone.
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Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy, Private Practice
Guillermo Paz onto Private Practice, Quotes