This week we are starting this thing about Best Quotes of the Week, and as usual, Ty Burrell´s Phil Dunphy is in the list.

We already did a post on the Best Quotes from Phil Dunphy in Modern Family´s season one. And last weeks Halloween quote from Phil Dunphy.

As a result of Let´s say, Barney Stinson´s quotes, Gregory House´s quotes, Cal Lightman´s quotes, and many more, is that we will try to introduce this sort of Hall of Fame for Quotes, and have the best Quotes of the week, in a weekly fashion.

So here,

This week´s Best Quotes on TV Shows

The Big Bang Theory Best Quote of the Week:

Eliza Dushku´s Agent Paige: This is my FBI ID.

Sheldon Cooper: This is my Justice League ID, but that doesn´t prove I know Batman.

S#*! My Dad Says Best Quotes of the Week:

Bonnie: What the hell is wrong with you?
Ed: I´m making a sandwich! You didn´t feed me. I´m hungry.

Henry: Now if you excuse me, I´m going to go cry in the shower.

30 Rock Best Quotes of the Week:

Jack Donaghy: Ambition is the willingness to kill the things you love and eat them to stay alive.

Jack Donaghy: Tracy, do you ever Google yourself?

Tracy Jordan: Sure, I Google myself, like when Angie is not in the mood, or I´m alone in an hotel.

JD: Tracy, you do know that Googling is looking yourself up in the Internet.

TJ: I didn´t know that. That explains why Liz Lemmon was so cool the other day.
(Flashback) Hey Liz Lemmon, do you mind if I Google Myself in your office?

Liz Lemmon: Sure Tracy.

TJ: Can I use your computer?

LL: How else are you gonna do it?

Jack Donaghy: Shoulders back Lemmon, you are not welcoming people to Frankenstein´s castle.

Grey´s Anatomy Best Quote of the Week:

Mark Sloan: As a friend I gotta tell you. You sound awful lot like someone who´s getting double D´s just cos her girlfriend likes a big rack. And by big rack I mean Africa.

The Apprentice Best Quote of the Week:

Donald Trump: Are you having an affair with Stuart?

Brandy: No sir,

DT: Would you like to?

B: No sir. I like older men, sir.

DT: That was a very smart answer.

Donald Trump Jr: You are hired!

Private Practice Best Quote of the Week:

Well, here it was all the episode. A can´t miss episode of Private Practice with Charlotte King rape aftermath, and a couple of scenes going right to the “For Your Consideration” tapes of KaDee Strickland and Paul Adelstein to say the least.

So, which was your favourite quote of the week for november´s first week? Let me know in the comments section.