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Mary Great list. I would add "Scrubs".
Best movies about Nurses [...] week it was an article about the best nurses on TV, now it´s time to see the Best movies about nurses. Folks at nurseblog did an excellent [...]
mikayla what you are talking about is a lab coat not scrubs, scrubs are the blue(sometimes) shirts with the pants that doctors were in the OR and sometimes also around the hopsital and im actually wacthing grey's anatomy now and they are mostly wearing scrubs
Jen i'm not sure what you are talking about...scrubs don't have buttons...if you are talking about white coats, then no, real doctors sometimes don't button them up. i suppose you could say they are more used to hold their "stuff" (pagers, papers, stethoscope, etc.) and more often to to let people know that they are "the doctor" ....on a certain level they can protect your clothes, but i'm not sure how well 3 buttons can cut it.
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Blackhawks finally back in Chicago with 2-0 series lead | NHL focus [...] The complete list of cancelled series for 2008-2009 season [...]
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Imelda Staunton, Jimmy Page and Dave Matthews are celebrating their birthday | Series & TV [...] Yesterday was David Bowie, today another three rockstars are celebrating their birthday, among other Series and Television stars. [...]
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Casonia sade Logenberry from seattle washington and saying to every one have a Delightful Wonderful outstanding day. George is so handsome and attractive and so delightful and Paris and him together pure joy and total fun.
Casonia Logenberry of Seattle washington and it seems like no one will let a show stay on long enough for people to either like it or dislike it and what is the hurry! George Clooney total Hot Beef Cake and of course what woman is not going to talk to Him and they would have to be blind or out of there mind to ignore this wonderful and smoking hot sexy guy and Paris is really pretty and smart and a really great actress and it is too bad she is not doing more of that but she has Talent and can really do great at that craft.