david-bowie-1Like every day,we honor those actors and actresses who are celebrating their birthdays.

Today, January 8th, many more are getting saluted.

  • James Ordish, Andy in TV Sci Fi Series The Tribe is turning 20.
  • Steven Christopher Parker, Harold Zelinski for 11 episodes of ER is turning also 20.
  • Jaclyn Linetsky, who played Megan O´Connor for 10 episodes of 15/Love and 7 as Lori in What´s with Andy? turns 23.
  • Monica Antonopulos, a beautiful Argentinian actress, who played Ana Monserrat in Vidas Robadas is getting to 27, Monica Antonopulos was also January 2007 playmate of Playboy‘s Argentinian edition .
  • Genevieve Cortese, Kris Furilo from Wildfire and Ruby in 6 episodes of Supernatural is turning 28.
  • Rachel Nichols, Rachel Gibson for 17 episodes of Alias and Special Agente Rebecca Locke for Thirteen episodes of The Inside is now turning 29.
  • Scott Whyte, Christopher Mortimer ‘Chris’ Anderson in City Boys, and also featured in an episode of That´s 70 Show and Full House is turning 31.
  • Amber Benson, Tara McClay in Buffy the Vampire´s Slayer is turning 32 years old and is going to be seen soon in many films such as Bonding, Shifter, The Killing Jar, and Another Harvest Moon.
  • Josh Meyers, Saturday Night Live´s Seth Meyers´little brother, and comedy multicharacter actor in MadTV, and Randy Pearson in That´s 70 Show is turning 33 and his latest movie How to Make Love to a Woman is in post-production.
  • Maria Pitillo, Tina Calcatera in Providence, and Social services agent who dated Joey in Friends is turning 43 today.
  • Michelle Forbes, Ensign Ro Laren in Star Trek, Lynne Kresge from TV Action Show 24, Prison Break´s Samantha Brinker, Karen Decker from ABC´s hit show Lost, and many other roles is turning 44 years old.
  • Rock & Roll Icon David Bowie, who also played Julian Priest in The Hunger, and played himself in Extras, is turning 62 and probably having a great party.