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Guillermo Paz onto 24, Drama
Sharon S I am very sad to see Touch cancelled - it was an interesting show with great "young" stars. I am thrilled beyond words that Jack Bauer will be back and hopefully for more than one season. I just wish it could start in the fall/winter of 2014 instead of the summer.
Beth T. Well, I am disappointed they cancelled it. I was hoping it would get back on track--by which I mean, be more like season one--if it had a third season.
Guillermo Paz onto 24, Drama, Heroes, Sci Fi, Sitcoms
Guillermo Paz onto 24
linda washington i really enjoyed the rush of 24. it truly will be missed. i am sorrow i want see it again. i use to look forward for it to come on in january. seem like a best friend has died.
The complete list of cancelled series for 2009-2010 season [...] 24 gets cancelled by Fox [...]
Guillermo Paz onto 24, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto 24, Spoilers
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Imelda Staunton, Jimmy Page and Dave Matthews are celebrating their birthday | Series & TV [...] Yesterday was David Bowie, today another three rockstars are celebrating their birthday, among other Series and Television stars. [...]