24 is one of the hottest shows for seven seasons already. It made the jump to the big screen, and it keeps rolling.
Yesterday an all new episode of 24 aired.
Here, filled with 24 spoilers for all of you…

Complete Recap and Spoilers of 24 7×22 – 5Am – 6AM

Open with Cara updating Wilson that: the bio-weapon is being retrofitted for maximum dispersion, will be detonated at the Washington Center subway stop and should kill approximately 9,000 commuters.

Tony gives Jibraan an earpiece for communication and tells him to ride the Red Line all the way to Washington Center subway. Tony emphasizes that Hamid will be killed if he does not follow instructions. Tony watches as Jibraan enters the subway.

We see Cara put on a wig and glasses and place the weapon into a bag.

Jack questions the man who had been guarding Hamid. He prevents a medic from giving him morphine and presses directly on his neck wound until the guard tells him he has a phone number for Tony. Jack gives Chloe the number and has her run a trace as the man calls Tony with a bogus question. Tony’s phone is encrypted and Chloe is only able to determine Tony was in Adams Morgan. Jack sends hazmat teams to that area.

In the subway Jibraan takes out his earpiece and tries to explain his situation to an employee. She calls over a police officer. When Jibraan tells the man what’s happening, he hears only “put the earpiece back in.” When the earpiece is in Tony tells Jibraan if he attempts a stunt like that again his brother will die.

Pierce calls Olivia after realizing she’s not in the residence. He tells her they are investigating Hodges’ death and that there are 11 people who knew his schedule prior to the car bomb. She hangs up and talks to Martin, who tells her he authorized the murder despite her not transferring the funds. She is panicking and worried she’ll be caught. His advice is that she needs to send the murderer the money: “You do not want this man unhappy with you.”

Kim Bauer calls her husband Stephen with news that her flight has been delayed. He wonders if it should be viewed as a sign she should help her father. She insists Jack was adamant she not watch him die. Kim notices a shady man watching her from a distance. A woman “accidentally” bumps into her and the two exchange pleasantries.

While Jibraan rides the metro we see the disguised Cara leave the device in his car. She exits at the stop and radios Tony that the “package is in place.” She mentions it is set to go off after the train stops at Washington Center. Tony jumps behind the wheel of the van.

Chloe tells Jack she has found Tony just in front of his position. Jack forces Tony’s van off the street. As Jack pulls Tony out of the van Tony tries to smash an UMPC against the floor.

Chloe works on Tony’s damaged UMPC remotely. She doesn’t think anything can be recovered. Janis takes a shot and quickly figures how to find some stored data.

Jack sends the agents away and begins beating the ever-loving heck out of Tony. Saying he has nothing left to lose, Jack threatens to kill Tony. Tony says he feels the same way and Jack eventually lowers the weapon.

Janis sends Walker the UMPC info and they figure out the Washington Center stop must be the target. She grabs Jack and they take off for the location. Jack has Janis locate the signal Tony was using to communicate with Jibraan. They cut in and Tony tells Jibraan Hamid is safe but he has to locate the weapon. After all the passengers leave the train at Washington Center, Jibraan finds Cara’s bag and pulls out the weapon. It is counting down from 1:20. Jibraan manages to leave the subway with the bomb and hand it to Jack.

Jack takes the bomb into a hazmat truck and throws it into a secure section just as it explodes. Outside Jack nearly collapsing into Walker’s arms. She holds him and says “now you can finally rest.” Clearly she has never watched the show.

Kim sits next to the woman she bumped into and has her see if the man from earlier is staring at her. He is not, and we see him walk away with a phone to his ear. The call is to Jack and we learn the man is watching over Kim until she is safely on her plane.

Walker tells Jack about Hodges’ murder. Jack thinks this means people will be coming after Tony and they need to ramp-up their protection to get him into custody.

Cara walks from the scene and calls Wilson with the latest on Tony and the failed attack. Wilson tells her she needs to have Tony eliminated. She says it won’t be necessary, since Tony “won’t be in custody for long.”

Cut to Kim going to the bathroom. The man tailing her for Jack goes the men’s room and is strangled by the man who was supposedly the husband of Kim’s new friend.

Pierce asks Olivia where she was earlier. She says the events of the day overwhelmed her. When she leaves the room he calls Kanin and references an audio recording device that was installed in the Chief of Staff’s office. Pierce would like to access the records but needs Kanin’s thumb print to do so. Kanin said he will be at the White House in a half hour. We see Olivia wire the money to Hodges’ murderer.

Chloe sends a picture of Cara to Jack so he can have Jibraan confirm it was the woman who left the bomb on the subway.

The mysterious husband returns from the bathroom and uses coded language to tell the woman next to Kim that he took care of the man working for Jack. We see the webcam on his laptop is pointing directly at Kim.

Cara calls Jack and sends him a link to the video footage of Kim. She tells him they have killed his agent and will kill Kim if he doesn’t help Tony escape or if he tells anyone of the contact. Cara has him to put the call on an earpiece so she can listen to all of his conversations.

Tony is loaded into the back of a paddy wagon across from Walker. Jack hops in, telling her he “wants to see this through.” Cara tells Jack via earpiece that she will advise him how to help Tony escape and that if any agents (the camera pans to Walker) get in his way he must kill them “or your daughter will die.”

Author: MikeSaros for IMDB