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Guillermo Paz onto 24, Drama
Sharon S I am very sad to see Touch cancelled - it was an interesting show with great "young" stars. I am thrilled beyond words that Jack Bauer will be back and hopefully for more than one season. I just wish it could start in the fall/winter of 2014 instead of the summer.
Beth T. Well, I am disappointed they cancelled it. I was hoping it would get back on track--by which I mean, be more like season one--if it had a third season.
Guillermo Paz onto 24, Drama, Heroes, Sci Fi, Sitcoms
Guillermo Paz onto 24
linda washington i really enjoyed the rush of 24. it truly will be missed. i am sorrow i want see it again. i use to look forward for it to come on in january. seem like a best friend has died.
The complete list of cancelled series for 2009-2010 season [...] 24 gets cancelled by Fox [...]
Guillermo Paz onto 24, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto 24, Spoilers
a It was Kutner who died on house.
a I think its pretty obvious its Molly dying. They've already mentioned Christina coming back to visit Betty again from time to time and unless they've decided to pull another ghost thing (Bradford Meade remember) and of course...terminally ill tends to give a bit of a hint.
Guillermo Paz onto 24