glee-spoiler-sam-santana-kissWell, this week we had a very nice double installment of Glee, with the Superbowl episode and the Valentine´s Day episode.

A lot of things happened there, as you saw, Quinn and Finn kissed each other on Glee´s Superbowl episode, and that storyline was front and center in the Valentine´s Day episode, and they even got the mono because of it.

Well, if you saw that episode ending, there was a glance between Sam and Santana that lead us to believe there´s something upcoming for the two of them.
Probably Santana kissing Sam or viceversa.

Sam is not happy at all with the way things are unfolding between Quinn and Finn, so he might go out to get some sort of revenge, and well, Santana is Santana, and she also had a moment to think where she felt lonely.

Hence, Santana and Sam will kiss on Glee. Soon. Next episode? Well, I don´t know about that just yet. (Well, I know, but I cannot spoil that much)

What do you think? Do you like the idea of Santana and Sam kissing on Glee? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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