glee-quotes-recap-spoilers-the-sue-sylvester-bowl-shuffle-superbowl-episodeAnother great installment of Glee, with a lot of emotion, following the Superbowl, and a great harvest of awards.

On the episode called The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste devise a plot to bring together the warring glee club and football team factions. Meanwhile, Sue, desperate to win cheerleading Nationals, launches a dangerous plan to bring home a trophy, and the New Directions tackle Michael Jackson’s iconic hit “Thriller.”

Quotes from Glee S02E11 – The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

Sue: I completely lost interest on girls. I blame you

Sue: I am still so very bored

Sue: See? Not even a chuckle

Quinn: You must find a way to top yourself

Coach Beist: What a Joke!

Finn: We are in Glee, what´s the big deal

Coach Beist: Bunch of babies

Coach Beist: They don´t have to like each other, but they have to respect each other

Mr Schuester: Let´s welcome the new additions of the Glee Club

Mr Schuester: Great first day, huh?
Coach Beist: Awesome

Puck: We need to win this championship and become legends

Sue: Girls, meet my secret weapon

Sue: Anyone knows German? We may need to read the manual

Sue: I´m sending a message Sue Sylvester´s done playing nice

Mr Schuester: If you use that energy you put into bullying people you could be one of the most talented here

Brittany: It would be like a double rainbow, a zombie double rainbow

Artie: He´s in the first stage of Looserville. Denial

Lauren: I´m gonna bring the pain

Coach Beist: Welcome to the football team

Karofsky: What the hell are they doing?
Finn: What you didn´t have the balls to do

Sue: I hate you Diane Sawyer

Songs from Glee S02E11 – The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

The Cheerios perform the California Gurls by Katy Perry

Rachel and Puck perform Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”

Football Players perform the Zombies’ “She’s Not There.”

The Warblers perform “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child

Everybody perform Thriller/Heads Will Roll mashup

Recap from Glee S02E11 – The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

Recap By Mike Saros

Open with the Cheerios performing an elaborate rendition of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls,” complete with BMX bikers and fireball-tipped bra cones. Sue, however, is unimpressed and tells the girls she’s bored. Quinn suggests perhaps Sue has set such a high personal standard for entertainment that even the Cheerios being favored to win nationals isn’t good enough anymore. We cut to the end of a McKinley football game. The team has a three-point lead but has already clinched a berth in next week’s championship game. In the huddle Finn gets into an argument with a few player about Glee, primarily Karofsky. Karofsky appears to mess-up the snap purposely, leading a game-winning fumble recovery for the other team.

After the game Coach Beiste is furious and wants some answers. The topic of Glee comes up again and Karofsky says he won’t block for Finn.

Sue writes in her journal that she might be burning out and wants to know how to get her juices flowing again. The answer seems to be a cannon. We see her renting a highly unsafe human launching device that can shoot a human being into a net from large distances but has only a 30 percent chance of success beyond 50 yards.

Artie gets slushied by the jocks for the first time.

Beiste and Will discuss the jock/glee club dynamic. She tells him that chemistry is critical for her team and there is a big issue with half her starters being Glee members. Will has an idea.

The jocks and Beiste arrive in the choir room. The plan is for them to join Glee for a week to get an idea of what the club is all about. Nobody likes it. We start with Rachel and Puck doing a duo of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now.” Afterwards one of the football players makes a crack about Puck and a fight ensues.

Puck and Finn agree that to win the next game they must become friends again.

Sue tells Brittany she’s been selected to be fired from the cannon. She seems unsure. Sue shoots a mannequin off in a final test run and the dummy is blown up.

Figgins and Will yell at Sue for thinking of jeopardizing a student’s life in such a way. She leaves the office and starts destroying Figgins’ secretary’s office. She next moves to the football locker room and starts throwing things there. Sue tells Beiste she had the regional cheerleading competition moved to the same time as the championship football game, meaning the school will have no cheerleaders or halftime show.

Will and Beiste tell the Glee club and football players the plan is for them to play the first half, and then help with a halftime performance: a mashup of “Thriller” and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll.” Beiste tells everyone “We’re going to zombie camp.”

During practice Will tells Karofsky he’s very talented and suggests he find a different outlet for his bullying. Later Karofsky goes to Finn and suggests an opening number.

The Cheerios talk about being torn between the cheerleading competition and the halftime show. Sue happened to be listening in a stall and hands them official Glee resignations contracts to sign. She’s forcing them to choose their loyalty.

All the Glee Cheerios end up picking cheerleading and Finn is furious at Quinn for her choice. Sam overhears this and wonders if perhaps Finn’s leadership is the problem. This leads to a shoving match that Will has to step in the middle of.

The football players practice the opening act Karofsky suggested, the Zombies’ “She’s Not There.” Will loves it.

The football players walk together in the hall alongside their new Glee buddies and run into the ice hockey team. The ice hockey guys think if the football players perform with Glee at halftime they will lose their place atop the social structure. The ice hockey guys then slushie the football players.

The result of the slushy incident is the football players quitting Glee. Beiste tells them it means they’re off the football team as well but they quit anyway.

We cut over to the Warblers working on a version of “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child in preparation for regionals. Kurt and Blaine have coffee with Rachel and Mercedes. Kurt hasn’t heard about any of the strife at McKinley. The girls tell them the football team is struggling to find enough players for the game.

Beiste tells the remaining football players they will have to forfeit the game. The Glee girls — Rachel, Mercedes, Tina and Lauren — say they will join the team to give them enough numbers. The rules require only that there are enough players on the field to start the play and so the plan is to lie down once the play begins. (Other than Lauren of course, who wants to kick butt.)

Brittany tells Sue she “doesn’t want to die” in reference to being shot out of the cannon. Sue tricks her into signing the contract.

The five players-plus-girls plan doesn’t start well and McKinley trails early. Tina ends up grabbing a loose ball and running for a bunch of yards before getting tackled violently. They seem to think the only way to salvage things is to tear up the halftime show. Finn tells Puck to convince the football players to join them at half.

Finn goes the parking lots and gets Quinn, Brittany and Santana to quit Cheerios and help the halftime show. A stunned Sue moans this means the Cheerios have no performance.

In the locker room Puck talks the football guys (other than Karofsky) into coming back to the team, starting with the halftime show.

While watching the opening few moments of the halftime Thriller/Heads Will Roll mashup Karofsky is overcome by the performance, pulls on his uniform and joins the group. The show goes well.

The rest of the guys join the team after half and leave on their zombie makeup. They immediately recover a fumble and score a touchdown. Finn and Karofsky are getting along well. Down three with ten seconds to play the McKinley guys pretend to be zombies, recover a fumbled snap and score the winning touchdown.

We see Sue doing an interview with Katie Couric. She is the Loser of the Year after coming up short of her seventh straight national title. The remainder of the Cheerios budget is going to New Directions. Sue’s final response: “I hate you Diane Sawyer.”

Finn suggests to Karofsky he should apologize to Kurt so he can join Glee full-time. Karofsky isn’t interested: “I’m on top, why would I want to change things.” Quinn tells Finn he’s been amazing this week and she kisses him.

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