24 is one of the hottest shows for seven seasons already. It made the jump to the big screen, and it keeps rolling.
Yesterday an all new episode of 24 aired.
Here, filled with 24 spoilers for all of you…

Complete Recap and Spoilers of 24 Season Finale

The season finale opens with Chloe working on Husband Operative’s laptop to try and find Jack. Walker tells Kim they currently have no other leads.

We see Jack slide under the garage door of a taxi company. He smashes out one of the back windows just as Tony sticks his head inside and begins shooting. Jack closes the garage door and notices gasoline pouring out of one of the cabs. He kneels in the gas, trying to spark a flare and set himself on fire to prevent his organs from being harvested for the pathogen. Tony pushes the flare aside just in time and knocks Jack out with the butt of his gun.

Kanin and Pierce confront Olivia with the audio recording of her conversation with Martin. She tries to stop Kanin from coming forward with the information, even offering him his old job. All Kanin wants is for Olivia to tell President Taylor what she has done and let her mother decide what should happen.

Tony tells a handcuffed Jack that he has no intention of allowing a new pathogen to be created. It turns out for the past four years Tony has been trying to get close to Wilson, whom he says was behind Charles Logan, President Palmer’s assassination and the murder of his wife. Though he allowed some innocent people to die, Tony believes he saved more lives in the course of investigating Michelle’s death. Jack disagrees. Not believing he’ll be able to get near Wilson himself, Tony’s plan is to load Jack with explosives and blow him up when he gets close to Wilson.

Cara tells Tony that Wilson will arrive soon. She tells him that Wilson “doesn’t know about us,” and that it is best they keep it a secret.

Wilson rolls up in a limo. After Tony and Cara are searched he gets out of the car. Tony pitches his worth to Wilson and his organization as Jack is brought forward. Just then Walker shows up in a helicopter and a firefight ensues. Jack manages to break free of his captors and Tony follows Wilson and Cara into a nearby warehouse. Walker shoots her way to Jack and is able to diffuse the explosives on his chest. She tells him Kim is safe and he tells her that “to end this for good” they must stop Tony from killing Wilson.

Tony makes his way toward Cara and Wilson, quickly killing Cara and pointing his gun at Wilson’s forehead. He gives Wilson a speech about staying alive just to be able to find him and detailing how Wilson ruined his life. Not only did Wilson have Michelle killed, but he had her killed while she was pregnant. Walker and Jack arrive just in time, shooting Tony in the shoulder and hand to keep him from killing Wilson.

Walker confronts the handcuffed Wilson about his role in Moss’ death and suggests cooperation is the only way he can avoid the death penalty. Wilson tells her there will not be any evidence connecting him to anything illegal which causes her to grab him by the collar in anger.

Prior to Jack being taken away by the medics Walker tells him about Wilson’s unwillingness to give up his fellow conspirators. Walker says she thinks she can “make him talk” but isn’t sure what to do from an ethical standpoint. Jack goes into a speech about the morality of torture, ultimately saying he knows the laws are the most important thing but that he could never live with himself if he didn’t try and obtain information to save people. He advises her to make a choice she can live with.

Olivia brings President Taylor and Henry together to tell them about her role in Hodges’ death. She says Kanin has agreed not to turn over his evidence unless Taylor gives the go-ahead. Taylor is outraged at Olivia’s actions but Henry wants his wife to destroy the recording and save Olivia. He goes on to say that Taylor’s job is the reason their son was killed and that she now has the chance to save their daughter. “So help me, destroy that recording and save what’s left of this family.” When Taylor leaves the room Henry tells Olivia that they will “figure this out.”

Chloe heads out of the field office as Janis prepares for Wilson’s transfer.

Taylor stares at some family photos.

Dr. Macer tells Jack his disease is at an advanced stage and that all she can do is give morphine to place him in a coma. Imam Gohar comes into the hospital room, having been called by Jack. Jack tells Gohar he is dying and apologizes for what he has done in his life. They pray together and Gohar asks for forgiveness. “It’s time,” Jack says.

Taylor returns to her husband and daughter. She apologizes, but says she has no choice but to honor her oath and have Olivia put into federal custody. After Pierce takes Olivia away Henry gives Taylor the cold shoulder. In the hall Taylor runs into Kanin and tells him she has now “lost everyone.” Kanin says “not everyone” and agrees to take back his letter of resignation. She tells him about Wilson and they get to work.

Wilson is taken to an interrogation room in the field office. Janis asks Walker to sign Wilson over to Woods. Walker tells Janis to leave. When she won’t, Walker forces Janis to handcuff herself to a nearby pole and stares at Wilson through the one-way mirror. “Larry would not have wanted this,” Janis says. Walker puts down her badge and walks into the room where Wilson is being held.

Kim arrives at Jack’s hospital room to find her father in the coma. Gohar tells Kim that Jack has “accepted what is happening.” Kim turns to Macer and says she wants to try the stem cell treatment, regardless of the risk. Kim goes to Jack’s bedside and grabs his hand. “I’m sorry daddy,” she says. “But I’m not ready to let you go.”

Author: MikeSaros for IMDB