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Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Guillermo Paz onto Psych, Spoilers
Casonia sade logenberry wish every one a beautiful and wonderful day and take care...Because this winter is going to be really cold and freezing and so stalk up and stay warm at home this winter wonderful familys of the world I am really trying to get in the show but the men are not smoking hot and sexy and that is the problem with the show to start off with !
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Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers
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Guillermo Paz onto Spoilers
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Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy, Spoilers
Hannah Derek lives and I think Alex does but Lexie Marty's Sloan but will later die and so will Sloan. Derek will die later on in the show Christina leaves and it's sad.
rollergirlrobyn best finale since denny died suspense-wise anyways....karev lives i think and lexie will marry sloan
Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers
jessica nassa assim voce mata mamae
Nate I love nate! He cant die,if any one has to die it should dan ir cece!! Xoxo<3
Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers