the-locator-premiere-episodes-we-tvWeTV is bringing us great non scripted TV once again, and in this case with season finale of Amazing Wedding Cakes:

Vintage and Bollywood Themed Cakes on the Season Finale of AMAZING WEDDING CAKES on Sunday at 10PM ET/PT


On the season finale on November 14 at 10pm ET/PT, Christopher Garren’s Cakes in Orange County, California meet with a bride-to-be who wants her cake design to reflect the vintage/antique feel of her wedding and draw inspiration from her grandmother’s dress, which she’ll be wearing on her big day. The sheer amount of detail, including romantic lace elements will be the team’s biggest challenge, but the end result will be an old-world masterpiece. Lauri, at New York’s Cake Alchemy, meets with a couple who asks for a modern cake, but she suggests making their cake truly unique by deconstructing it into individual tiers and placing them side-by-side, rather than stacking them. Each tier will be displayed atop its own vase, each of a varying height, and placed next to each other. The vases will contain live “vanda” orchids and Lauri will create the same orchids in sugar to decorate the cakes. The couple loves the idea, and Lauri loves that she gets to present a cake in this unconventional way. Over at Los Angeles’ Merci Beaucoup Cakes, Reva meets with a couple who wants to pay homage to their South Asian heritage and decide to go with a Bollywood theme for their wedding cake. Marc creates an incredibly colorful and over-the-top design where each layer of the cake is decorated like a piece of exotic fabric, covered with intricate “embroidery” that’s piped on and gilded with edible gold dust. There’s also a tier covered with tiny edible sequins made by Reva. The end result – an edible masterpiece that perfectly captures the energy and vibrancy of Bollywood.

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