the-locator-premiere-episodes-we-tvWeTV is bringing us great non scripted TV once again, and in this case with these premiere episodes of The Locator:

Three Teenagers Desperately Want to Give Their Mother a Second Chance on THE LOCATOR, Saturdays at 10 PM ET/PT

On November 13th at 10pm ET/PT, teenagers Lana, Lara and Tomi have good memories of living with their mother, Snjez, despite her drug addiction and the family’s poverty.  Eventually they were taken out of her care and though she stayed in touch at first, the phone calls from Snjez finally stopped.  The children refuse to believe that she doesn’t care about them and need Troy to help them find her for the second chance they know she deserves. Then at 10:30pm ET/PT, Erin was always close to her father. After his premature death from kidney cancer, she set out to find the only piece of him she has left: a lost half-sister she has never met.  Erin believes finding her will heal the emptiness she has felt since losing her dad and give her one last connection to him.

On November 20th at 10pm ET/PT, Carina always heard from her father that her mother Jo Ann was a bad person who abandoned her as a toddler.  But Carina’s grandmother always said that Jo Ann loved her very much. Confused by conflicting stories, Carina eventually gave up on discovering the truth about her mother’s absence.  She has been plagued her whole life with the belief that everyone leaves, but now a mother herself, Carina has decided that with Troy’s help, it’s finally time to find the truth amongst the lies. Then at 10:30pm ET/PT, Thirty years ago when Steve was just nine years old, his mother made him promise to find Pamela, an older sister he never met.  After his mother lost her battle with cancer, Steve devoted himself to fulfilling that promise. Having spent most of his life searching, Steve reaches out to Troy and the Locator team to find the woman who meant so much to his mother.

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