nate archibald dead dying gossip girl season finale deathThe season finale of Gossip Girl is near.

But with the season finale of Gossip Girl crawling upon us, it´s time to speculate on who´s dying on Gossip Girl season finale?

First of all… Why is someone dying on Gossip Girl season finale? Well, itps a go to place for cliffnangers, so, there you have it.

Second of all… it´s about time for someone to go…

And since Chace Crawford is starting production of the movie Upstate, his schedule may be increasingly hard.

Chace is under contract with GG for another year, but the writers are calling someone´s number, and my guess is Nate Archibald dies on season finale of Gossip Girl.

Why? Let´s see… there is the Upstate movie thing going on…

Then there´s the whole, there´s no way we kill off Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl.

And also, the excellent spoiler machine named Ausiello teased about Nate Archibald death on Gossip Girl:

You said that one of the “possible fatalities” in your May Sweeps Scorecard is reserved for a Gossip Girl character. You weren’t talking about Lily, right? —Fernanda
Ausiello: No, I wasn’t talking about Lily. The victim in question is *a*e.

So… what do you think? Is Nate Archibald dying on Gossip Girl season finale? Is Nate Archibald´s death on Gossip Girl a good move by the writers?

Head to the comments and let me know!