Bored-to-Death-Season-finale-preview-super-ray-is-mortalSeason Finale of Bored to Death is coming, it´s just around the corner, next Sunday, November 14th on HBO.

It´s the second season finale, in an episode called “Super Ray is Mortal” where Officer Drake, Ray and Jonathan try to track down a stalker; George decides to make a stand at work; Jonathan battles his nemesis.

And here, we have five Preview clips for Bored to Death second season finale on HBO.

Preview videos for Bored to Death Super Ray is Mortal season finale airing November 14th on HBO

We will start these Preview frenzy for Bored to Death season finale. Since Super Ray is Mortal is a must watch for all BTD fans.

Set your alarm clocks, your schedules, your DVRs. Everything to make sure you catch it.

Episode Preview Clip – Bored to Death Season finale – Super Ray is Mortal

Bored to Death Season Finale preview clip: Jonathan and Louis argue

Bored to Death Season Finale preview clip: George Gets Diagnosed

Bored to Death Season Finale preview clip: The plan to find Ray´s Stalker

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