sally-draper-dying-mad-men-spoilerBig question to open the spoiler season of Mad Men: Is Sally Draper dying on Mad Men?

Fourth Season Finale of Mad Men is just around the corner, and it airs Sunday October 17th on AMC.
In a Matthew Weiner written and directed episode, with Jon Hamm in the body of Don Draper, and the full cast and crew in line to wrap up probably one of the best seasons not only of the show, but on TV.

But it´s time for Mad Men Season Finale Spoiler!

Mad Men Season Finale Spoiler: Is dying on Mad Men?

This one came courtesy of Mr Spoiler himself, Michael Ausiello, in his latest podcast told us someone at Mad Men as commiting suicide for the season finale… but who… who?

Let´s see, there are a few guesses on who cannot absolutely be doing it, A.K.A. Don Draper.

But let´s also remember the spoiler is about a big character commiting suicide on Mad Men.

So… is Sally Draper dying on Mad Men Season Finale?

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