simon-pegg-spiderman-gingerer-reboot-villainThe New Spider Man, Spiderman 4 is coming into form. Now without Tobey Maguire nor Kirsten Dunst, Sam Raimi was dropped as director too.

But Spiderman 4 reboot is coming along quite well, and maybe regain some hope of becoming a must watch for 2012.

Andrew Garfield will be the new Peter Parker / Spiderman in this rebooted project, that also will feature Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as a villain in the skin of the Lizard.

But what we got announced now is quite good news, Ultra funny british actor Simon Pegg will play the Gingerer in the new SpiderMan reboot, yet untitled flick.

What we will see in this Spiderman reboot is a trip back in time, before Peter Parker dates Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy was Spider-Man’s girlfriend.
The reason why Mary-Jane is Spider-Man’s girlfriend is that the Green Goblin killed Gwen. He threw her from the Brooklyn Bridge, and Spider-Man arrived too late to save her.
Gwen is mourned by Spider-Man as much as his uncle Ben, and the fact that he failed to save her still haunts him to this day.

But why is This Spiderman Reboot getting more and more interesting for me to watch? Well, just two words: Simon Pegg. Joining the cast of Spiderman as The Gingerer will be a great addition for the movie.

But who is The Gingerer on SpiderMan?

Who the heck knows! The Gingerer is not listed anywhere as a Spiderman enemy, nor at the New Avengers. So, are they introducing a new character? Or did Simon Pegg pranked us about joining Spiderman?

Simon Pegg tweeted literally as you can see in this link, “Just to confirm then, I’m playing the villain in the new Spider-Man movie. The Gingerer. You heard it here first folks.”

What do you think? Is he playing us? Is Simon Pegg cast as The Gingerer in Spiderman Reboot? Is that good news as I think they are?

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