Ok,this may not seem as good or interesting to many, but it will definitely be worth watching. President Obama will appear on Mythbusters in the episode from December 8th.

Obama to appear on Mythbusters

Barack-Obama-TV-Mythbusters-President-ArchimedesPresident Barack Obama will appear on the Dec. 8 episode of Mythbusters, the Discovery Channel’s series that explains how science really works. In the episode, the president will challenge the show’s hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, to explain the Greek legend of Archimedes, who is credited with setting the invading Roman navy on fire with only mirrors and reflected sunlight.

Can that be? We´ll see it in the episode.

President Obama did not get to blow anything up when he filmed a guest appearance on “MythBusters.”
“I was a little frustrated with that,” he said of his lack of explosion-initiation.

Obama will appear on Mythbuster on Dec. 8, in an episode of the popular Discovery Channel show. “MythBusters” examines common legends, myths, or film stunts, and then rigs up actual experiments to see if they’re true. The president will introduce a bit that looks at whether ancient Greek scientist Archimedes really could have set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun.

Can this appearance from President Obama on Mythbusters boost the interest of kids in science? Certainly hope so.

Will you watch President Barack Obama on Mythbusters December 8th?

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