lost-movie-prequel-showSo, Lost ended this year and we are already having the withdrawal of it.

Flash Forward was a nice try to inherit the Lost Mania, but it did not mesh the same with the audiences, and ABC cancelled Flash Forward on its rookie season.

The Event is the new try at a deservant heir to the Lost throne. But audiences are still not going with it. Heroes got cancelled with a oes-not-give-me-any-closure type of ending. So this misterious big storylines shows are not all the success that Lost proved to be, and the studios are trying to recreate that kind of hit.

How are they going to make it?

Well, today Carlton Cuse, one of the Producers of Lost, alongside Damon Lindelof the heads of the show, said that there could be a Lost movie on the making. Or there could be a sequel to Lost.

This is not something they are planning right now, but there have been some talks from Disney hinting they may want to expand on the Lost franchise.

Would you watch Lost the Movie? Would you Watch Lost the sequel?

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