In another great and funny episode of How I Met Your Mother, we had lots of fun, and here with a bunch of How I Met Your Mother Spoilers… and also, remeber the great news that How I Met Your Mother gets renewed for a fifth season

Complete Recap and Spoilers of How I Met Your Mother Season Finale – The Leap

Ted was still working on his restaurant shaped like a cowboy hat. For three days, he worked and got nowhere. Barney walked in and asked Ted what he thought of Robin, and hinted at Ted that he wanted to go out with Robin, comparing her to a suit that Ted once tried on but put back on the rack and Barney now wanted to purchase.

“Buy the suit, Barney,” Ted said.

It was Ted’s 31st birthday and Marshall wanted him to come to the roof and have a beer. Ted was suspicious there was a surprise party. Marshall tried to play it off as though there wasn’t a party, but there was. Marshall felt bad and walked toward the ledge.

Old Ted gave some background: The guys were up on the roof once, admiring the neighbor’s rooftop hot tub and Marshall walked to the ledge and dared to jump over to the neighbor’s roof. He didn’t.

Back to Ted’s surprise party, Marshall decided he was going to jump but Lily wouldn’t let him. Inside the apartment, Ted was working when the goat walked by and caught Ted’s attention. Back on the roof, Lily talked Marshall down from the ledge by telling him she was pregnant. He got down and couldn’t believe it. “I mean, I noticed that you’d gained some weight lately, but…” She cut him off and said she was lying, then told him, “Go ahead and jump — I hope you die!”

Barney turned to Robin and said there was something he had to tell her. Meanwhile, inside, Ted went into the kitchen to investigate a noise. Back on the roof, Robin jumped ahead of Barney and said she thought she might be falling in love with him. Back inside the apartment, Ted saw the goat and freaked out.

Ted called Lily, who was on the roof, and told her the goat was in the kitchen looking at him. Ted recalled some of the goat story, in which Lily brought the goat home from a farmer who talked to her class and told them what he was going to do with the goat later. Lily took the goat and brought it home.

Barney told Lily that after Robin said she thought she was in love with him, he told her they should just be friends and told Lily that he was no longer in love with Robin. Inside the apartment, Ted was house-training the goat, which kept wanting to chew on a wash cloth.

On the roof, Marshall was still trying to convince himself to jump, but didn’t do it. Barney introduced Lily to a girl who was just off the bus from Iowa. Lily said she spilled the beans.

Lily explained that Robin overheard Barney telling Ted about his interest in Robin. Robin decided she had to tell Barney no. Marshall advised Robin that she could try “The Mosby” — revealing one’s love too soon. Lily explained all this to Barney.

Inside, Ted was looking for the goat, which had locked itself in the bathroom and was chewing on the washcloth. Ted took it away and the goat charged him.

Lily again talked Marshall off the ledge to go inside and get Ted. Marshall went in to find the goat standing over Ted, who couldn’t move, and asked to be taken to the hospital. Ted had a hoof mark on his forehead and laid in a hospital bed. Ted took off to finish his restaurant design.

Barney told Robin that Lily told him about Robin’s plan to get rid of Barney. He told her he hoped she felt the way he did. she wondered if maybe she did. Then she admitted, “I have feelings for you, Barney. Maybe I even love you.”

He then said it was going a bit too fast and they should be friends. Barney realized she was Mosbying him again. They went back and forth until they kissed.

Ted made his presentation and the Ribtown owners showed him the mockup they decided to use — it was a classic design from Sven!

Marshall vowed to never eat ribs again — at least in front of Ted. Lily wondered if Ted was forcing the idea of being an architect. She told Ted that all of his friends weren’t living the careers they thought they were headed for, and that maybe he needed to find what he wanted to do and “take the leap.”

Marshall was inspired and went up to the roof and jumped over to the neighbor’s rooftop. One at a time, they all made the leap — first Robin, then Barney, then Lily, then Ted, after calling it the best year of his life.

Even though he got left at the altar, knocked out by a bartender, got fired, got beat up by a girl goat, it was the best year of his life, “because if any one of those things hadn’t happened, I never would’ve have ended up in what turned out to be the best job I ever had.” He wrote his name, “Professor Mosby” on a blackboard in the front of a lecture hall, and, as Old Ted explained to the kids, he might have never met their mother. “Because, as you know, she was in that class. Of course, that’s story’s only just beginning.”

Author: WerewolfBarMitzvah for IMDB