the-unusuals-cancelled-by-abcWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows for this season. And it is official that The Unusuals gets cancelled
Things hadn´t looked good for The Unusuals for a while… and everything was pointing towards The Unusuals being cancelled for good

And now, The Unusuals is officially cancelled by ABC… I liked the show though…

The Unusuals is a comedy-drama television series which premiered on ABC on April 8, 2009 in the U.S. and Global in Canada. The initial series order is for 10 episodes. An ABC press release described The Unusuals as “like a modern-day M*A*S*H” that “explores both the grounded drama and comic insanity of the world of New York City police detectives, where every cop has a secret”. Its premise elaborated:

Detective Casey Shraeger (Amber Tamblyn) has just been transferred to the NYPD’s Homicide unit from Vice and is instantly thrown into a setting of bullets and bodies. As she begins her new assignment, Casey finds that the squad is full of secrets, which serves her well, since she’s keeping a few of her own.

The pilot and first episode were written by Noah Hawley, a former staff writer for Fox’s Bones.

Show creator Noah Hawley announced on his twitter in mid-May of 2009 that ABC would not be bringing the show back for a second season.

What is The Unusuals About? – Plot

Det. Casey Shraeger transfers from Vice to NYPD’s second Precinct with a mission – to clean up Sergeant Harvey Brown’s station at his request. Her new partner is Jason Walsh, whose previous partner was murdered the same night Shraeger was assigned to him. She was chosen mostly because Brown believes her to be incorruptible, since she comes from a very wealthy family and chose to work for the police from a sense of doing good, rather than for money.

As soon as she meets her new partner, they start a quest for Walsh’s ex-partner’s killer. He was a dirty cop, which was a known fact, but he was also investigating other cops at the 2nd Precinct. His main focus was Det. Henry Cole who once lived by another name and robbed an armored car. Cole’s partner, Det. Allison Beaumont, is later revealed to be Walsh’s girlfriend.

Besides Shraeger, Walsh, Beaumont, and Cole, the station has three more detectives: Leo Banks, who wears a bullet-proof vest everywhere he goes, because he’s afraid he will die at age 42, as his father, grandfather and uncle did. His partner Eric Delahoy, who has brain cancer and won’t tell anyone or get treatment and Eddie Alvarez, who believes himself to be a ‘lone wolf’ and talks about himself in the third person.

Are you upset about the The Unusuals cancelled news?