One of the biggest attractions in Houston is undoubtedly the NASA Space Center, and of course, you can find it on Houston CityPASS.

visiting nasa space center houston texas

A while ago we reviewed Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and we were kind of expecting something very similar between the two options, and even though, of course it is similarily themed, I have to say that Houston Space Center is broader in terms of audience that can make happy than Florida.

First of all, it is much closer to the big city than Cape Canaveral is of Orlando; and it is just 15 minutes away from Kemah Boardwalk, which can make a full day of family entertainment much easier. And the Kemah Boardwalk is also in Houctin CityPASS, so you can make for an interesting day and save while at it.

The Exhibit is noticeable smaller than Florida, but it is much more focused on astronauts and human life in space. That way people will get less tiredsome strolling around, and gives you time to see everything in more detail.

In there you can see space suits, the rooms in the spaceships, and how to do every day things out there: eating in space, sleeping in space, and of course going number one and number two.

Something worth noting, we saw the Challenger mission exhibit, and I was expecting it was going to be much more hidden. Very good thing to see NASA showing not everything in rose.

The store is very good and has a cool variety of stuff and prices are not as steep as other gift shops in attractions.

Some tips for you to plan your trip to NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas

Tour duration: You should allot anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to do the tour and enjoy it as much as possible. If you are planning to include the Control Tower tour too, you should start at 4-5 hours.

Clothing: There are not as many open spaces as in Cape Canaveral, so you will  a hat only for the spaceship outside. You will need a water bottle with you.

Traffic: If you go early in the morning you won´t have any traffic jam problem, as most people are going to Houston, not going away from it.

Food: There is a food court in Space Center, but there´s also a bigger food court just minutes away at Kemah Boardwalk too.

Parking: It is very big so you probably won´t have trouble finding a slot. There is little to no shade to leave your car under though.

I hope these tips for visiting NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas are helpful. Let me know!