In our travel to Houston, Texas, the same day as we went to NASA Space Center, we took a 15 minute drive and visited Kemah Boardwalk for an afternoon of fun. This attraction is included in Houston CityPASS, and it is probably a good idea to do both attractions the same day, as they are 40 minutes away from Houston, and within 10 to 15 minutes one from the other.

Visiting Kemah Boardwalk Houston Texas traveltips

Just as visiting other boardwalks, like San Francisco, or Santa Monica, when you take a stroll at Kemah Boardwalk you will find shops, restaurants, and a big ol´ amusement park with rides for the whole family.

If you have the Houston CityPASS you have this attraction as one of the optional. You should choose between Kemah Boardwalk or the Children Museum. Maybe a good advice if your are traveling with kids, is doing both, as you will get 50% off in the other attraction you don´t choose as your first option.

The entrance to the Boardwalk is free, what you pay for is the rides pass that includes every ride as many times as you like, except Stingray, Iron Eagle and Boardwalk Beast which should be paid separately.

visiting kemah boardwalk houston texas traveltips

There are also games you can play for the chance to win some souvenirs, in this case plush broccolis.

visiting kemah boardwalk houston texas

Climate depending you will maybe suffer a bit the Texan heat and sun or not. Since we were there in the morning on a nice day, we did not have any problem.

One thing to note is that there is no free parking in the area, so you will have to pay somewhere between 8 to 15 dollars.

Something to also consider is that over Maria Drive, just five mintues away there is a big Target store, so you can also do some shopping and even save some money on what to eat, and make a picnic day out of the visit.

If you want to make this amusement park compete in terms of the experience with the big guns like Universal or Disney, of course it is not in the same league. But, if you think that it is a very affordable option, in Texas, within fifteen minutes of NASA Space Center and make a full family day with the two attractions.

I hope these tips for visiting Kemah Boardwalk in Houston, Texas are helpful. Let me know!