I´ve already told you about my experience with Hollywood CityPASS and Tampa Bay CityPASS; so as soon as we got to Houston, we went for the Houston CityPASS to make sure we had the must see activities covered. Let me be clear about something: CityPASS is not only a great way to save on attractions during a trip; it is also a de-facto seal of approval of the quality of the attractions. Of course, you may enjoy more or less some activities, but you won´t be questioning the quality.

Houston CityPASS

So, that is why everywhere we go that has this booklet available, we will definitely get it and recommend you do the same.

Houston does not have the fame of being a tourist city, but rather a busy business city; but that is far from being true, as you will find out once you get your booklet and start going around: Once you get the CityPASS you can visit these attractions:

  • Space Center Houston
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Downtown Aquarium
  • Kemah Boardwalk or Children´s Museum of Houston
  • Houston Zoo or Museum of Fine Arts

Some of the attractions are for you to choose between, but, if you want to visit both, you have a special discount for the one you did not attend.
When you compare it with a regular price of admission, you are getting discounted for over half of the money, and in the case of the Houston CityPASS, once you decided to go to the Space Center Houston and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, you are already getting a good deal with this discount booklet.

Take note that Houston is huge and everything is far away, and there are a lot of people working there and driving on the highways. You will have long distances to go; so make sure you have at least three days to be using your CityPASS as you won´t be able to squeeze everything together in a couple of days like you´d be able to do in San Francisco if you do an attractions marathon.

My advice would be the following:

  • Use one day for Space Center Houston and Kemah Boardwalk: They are both in a few miles radius outside Houston, and you´ll be able to do both with no problem.
  • Use one day for the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts. But if you are a fan of either and want to o through every single part of them, you may need one day for each.
  • Use One day for the Children´s Museum and the Houston Zoo.
  • Use One day for the Downtown Aquarium. It may not be that you need the whole day for a visit, but it is too far from the others to squeeze two on a day. Maybe you can leave the rest of that day for a little shopping spree.

In this Houston coverage I will tell you more about each of our visit to the attractions on this booklet, as well as about Houston as a whole, and other attractions we visited. Make sure you subscribe or follow me on Social Media.