One thing every geek/ TV Fan like me  loves is a good solid subscription box. And when I talked with folks at Supply Pod about this one, I was very excited to get it. Suppy Pod is a bi-monthly subscription box related to comics, TV series, films and more fandom related stuff. Each box comes with somewhere between five to seven items selected by folks at Supply Pod.

Supply Pod Unboxing

Let´s start with a few things about Supply Pod first:

Pricing: At the moment of writing this article, the individual price of each box is USD 39.99 per box; if you subscribe to 3 boxes, they go for 38.99 each; and if you subscribe to six boxes, they go for 36.99 each.

Worldwide delivery: In this site we are test driving Subscription Boxes that go worldwide, and are sent to our headquarters in Argentina. Supply Pod delivers worldwide for 25 bucks; making it a great option for international fans who do not get the chance to receive as many options as in the US. Make sure that it will depend on how long  your national courier or post office takes in bureaucracy before you get your. Folks at Supply Pod sent it right on point on May 10th, but I got the post notice to go pick it up in July. So, for Argentina, it takes longer than other countries. If you think of a Supply Pod for Christmas, order the one that would be sent in early November to stay on the safe side. (Every country´s post office works differently, so try to understand how yours works).

US Delivery: The shipping price in the US is 7.99.

How it arrived: Last time we did the Unboxing of the Kawaii Box, the box came home very banged up, but since Supply Pod´s box is much more sturdy. It survived the trip truly unharmed both the outside box as well as the contents. So that is definitely a plus for Supply Pod.

Now onto the Supply Pod box itself…


We got the Supply Pod box themed Bruce V. Clark, in honor of the release of the Batman Vs Superman film.
I decided to do the video in Spanish, so this article can be bilingual, and, because there are hardly any Subscription Boxes unboxings done in Spanish, and this way more fans can get to know about Supply Pod. So here, the Unboxing video:


Now onto the products review:

The Graphic Tee: It is an exclusive design by Outer Places with a cool print of Superman in the front and Batman in the back. A very cool graphic tee. When you subscribe you need to put your T-Shirt size as to get one that you can use. I will definitely use this one.

Supply Pod Unboxing Graphic Tee

The Book: I got a really cool and interesting book that I am already reading (soon to be publishing its review) called Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight, by Travis Langley. The book comes signed by the author, which is a good plus. I found out that in a previous Supply Pod came a book from Langley about Star Wars Psychology which also seemed very interesting.

Keyboard Stickers: My computer, as you can see on the first pic of this article is now a Dark Knight Dell Computer. This set of stickers was not at all on any kind of wishlist of mine, but as soon as I got them I was super excited and couldn´t wait to finish filming the unboxing to put them on my keyboard.

Supply Pod Unboxing Book and Stickers

The tech gift: I got an 8GB Mimobot USB Memory drive that looks like Batman. I already had one featuring Wolverine, so now I can switch from one to the other depending on my day (Am I Marvel or DC today? :D)
The Scented Gift: A car deodorant to hang from the rearview mirror. I would´ve never pictured Superman as fruity scented. It is already hanging on my car showing the S hanging.
The Toy: A Batman Sonic Distractor from the Spy Gear collection. A funny item that will go to one of my nephews.

Supply Pod Unboxing Toy Scent Tech

The Infographic: A poster with information about all the upcoming Comic Book based movies coming out in the next five years.

Supply Pod Unboxing Infographic

So let´s recap a bit:
– It is a fun experience to open the box and do the unboxing full of surprises in terms of what I am getting. Good thing is not every box is the exact same.
– The Pricing: Is it worth it? It depends on how expensive it is in your own country. In Argentina you wouldn´t get many of these things, and the ones you´d get would be more expensive. So you would get a good deal, even paying international shipping. But, having said that, it translates to 1000 Argentinian Pesos for our fandom. If you can set aside the money, you will get the bang for buck and then some.
– The use of the items: Getting a T-Shirt, an awesome book, a Memory Drive are all useful things to get. Getting the Keyboard stickers are a cool thing to get and you can use them. The deodorant, even though not a priority, and you would get a non branded one every time, is still a good extra to get and you can use it. The toy I was not a fan of, but the kids in my family will certainly enjoy it. (I thought my cats would be more interested in it, but since the sound lasts little time, they are not).

The Supply Pod that followed the one I have was themed “Space Exploration” and seemed more science oriented. The next upcoming Suppy Pod box is called “Warp Speed” and is Star Trek themed. So that one will be probably awesome! and you are still able to subscribe to it visiting Supply Pod official website.

I hope this Review helps you. I did not get any compensation for it, but Supply Pod did provide me with the product for review.

If you want to see more unboxings subscribe to any of my Social Media or this site; and if you want me to review your Subscription Box, feel free to contact me to set everything up.